“I’m on Trae’s Side”: Rapper Trae and the community calling for boycott of KBXX 97.9 The Box

It begins at midnight tonight. Did you hear about it?

The scene on Thursday (June 3) at the historic SHAPE Community Center in Houston was memorable.

When I parked you would have thought a car show or music video was being filmed. Live Oak street was filled with brothers sagging their pants, women in high heels and others snapping pictures on their phones next to a car with a rattling beat.

But this wasn’t a show nor was it a video. This was serious business and people from neighborhoods throughout the city and even the state came that night to support a man and a mission: Trae the Truth. (below)

Trae’s music was recently banned from KBXX 97.9 The Box and instead of just letting it get swept under the rug he filed a lawsuit. He has drawn national attention by taking on the machine of Radio One. On this night he made a call to his most reliable ally: The Streets

And the streets responded. Many came wearing “I’m on Trae’s Side” T-shirts.

Under the direction of Deloyd Parker (shown below), the SHAPE Center has been in existence now for 41 years and has hosted the likes of giants such as Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela. This is the site where thousands of men departed from to attend the Million Man March in 1995. Every local grassroots organization you could think of has met there at least once, so it is affectionately known as “The United Nations of the ‘Hood.”

Deloyd Parker put the full support of the SHAPE center behind Trae. That’s major!

Trae called for this particular town hall meeting, themed “You Can’t Ban The Truth”, to address his bout with 97.9 in a public forum plus to hear feedback from his supporters. The entire night was moderated by Deric Muhammad (shown below) of the Nation of Islam who has drawn criticism for even supporting Trae.

“We all know that Trae is an artist who is constantly giving back to the community that he came from,” said Bro. Deric in his opening words.

I tell every last one of them (critics) that we’re all a work in progress. I am a work in progress. It is our duty to help one another. I am an overall supporter of that which is right over that which is wrong. I am proud to be in the room with people who share that same sentiment,” said Bro. Deric

By the time Trae spoke, the main meeting room was packed to capacity with a line of people streaming in the hallway.

“Some people may think this situation is about me getting my music played again but this is so much bigger than me. This is so much bigger than us. They (97.9) are now affecting other people’s lives,” said Trae, as he named several DJs who have either been fired or suspended for their affiliation with him.

“To sum it all up, I’m sacrificing myself because we have to stand up for what is right. I’m going to jump out there to let those coming up behind me know that you can’t let nobody handle you any kind of way—especially when you’re not doing anything wrong. We got to stand up,” said Trae.

Others sitting on the panel with Trae included Hip-Hop artist TroubleSum, long-time community servant Kathy Griffin, Hip-Hop legend K-Rino, Trae’s attorney Warren Fitzgerald and Andrea who helped to organize the Celebrating 25 Years of Houston Hip-Hop forum earlier this year at Rice University.

K-Rino said the root of the problem is that major radio personalities and stations are arrogant people. TroubleSum pointed out that if a ban can be done to Trae it can be done to any other artist including herself.

Then came the proposed plans of action from the audience. Several suggestions were made and everyone agreed on one in particular: Ban 97.9 The Box For One Week.

The movement is calling on all supporters to turn off 97.9 beginning tonight (June 6) at midnight until next Sunday (June 13). Since the town hall meeting, multiple tweets, Facebook updates and emails have been spreading the word. An official website will be launched soon as well.

Trae posted this on Twitter: “June 6-13...Boycott @KBXX979TheBox starting at 12 midnight! Support the homey @TRAEABN! Read a book, Jam ya iPod...but NO RADIO!

Some people even question why I would even put this on my blog and my response is “I’m on Trae’s Side."

I don’t listen to 97.9 or any radio station for that matter so this will not be hard for me. What about you?

I will keep you updated.

Bonus Video Footage of the to townhall meeting produced by R.I.S.E. (Real Independent Street Entertainment):

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  1. "Trae’s music was recently banned from KBXX 97.9 The Box" - Did KBXX 97.9 say why they banned Trae's music?


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