Jasiri X unleashes once again: Are Gucci Mane and Waka Flaka Modern day Minstrels?

This is one of the few Hip-Hop artists I have consistently featured on my blog for the past several years because Jasiri X delivers the type of messages missing from today's industry.

This week, Paradise Gray of the Legendary Hip-Hop group X-Clan directs this scathing critique of the current climate of rap music featuring Jasiri X, Isada Tariq and Living Proofe and produced by Idasa Tariq.

"I edited the video myself so whoever got a problem with it let me know...but you know it's true," says Jasiri X.

The video was featured on AllHipHop.com and has drawn some controversy. Jasiri stated on Twitter, "Shout out to the blogs not afraid to post the video..surprised how many wouldn't even just to start a conversation..SMH"

He added this tweet, "A lot of these blogs are becoming like radio stations..afraid to offend artists for fear they might lose access."

Not Brother Jesse's Blog!

Click here to watch the video Just Minstrel and let me know your thoughts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2zEWXxKsrU

Still images courtesy of 1Hood Media

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  1. The best part was tpain saying conservative victory in 2010 because we all know he don't know what he saying... He is the perfect example of what Jasiri X is trying to articulate.. And he's right they have put a lot of sleep with mind numbing lyrics and mysogenistic images.

  2. DAAAAAAANG!!!! This should have ONE MILLION views immediately!

  3. So on point!!!! We already know Brother Jesse is not afraid of offending anyone because he's now controlled by the Powers That Be!

    Keep blazing'em Jasiri! And big ups to Paradise, a legend!

  4. This is 1000% HEAT! Someone needs to give Slim Thug an online gut check for his stupid VIBE magazine interview....these brothers need guidance. I am not condemning but dang someone gotta speak the truth. Wake up Black man...its 2010, not 1810.

    Or is it?

  5. Jasiri brought the heat on this one, and I support the message! I also read the comments that were made yesterday claiming that jasiri and Crew could possibly be jealous of the rappers that are making money. they even went as far to say that if Jasiri X made it big, that he would switch and do the same thing as the rappers he speaks about in his rhymes.

    I totally disagree...Jasiri reminds me of a modern day Public Enemy, KRS-One, or X-Clan, and no matter their level of "making it big" they stayed grounded and true to their message! it is about time some one stepped up and challenged the stupidity being portrayed in modern day rap music. There is so much more to rap about than a gold chain and how many cars you have, and OMG please let's talk about more sex and how many chicks you have!

    Kudos to Jasiri X and to all of his supporters!

  6. I would take minstrel to mean an artist intentionally pandering to white stereotypes of black inferiority to get approval and financial gain from a white audience.
    In that case, some of these artists aren't minstrels being that their audiences are majority black. Examples of this are Gucci Mane and Lil Boosie who make most of their money from ticket sales to black people and not record sales to white people. Whatever you think of their stories and messages, it is unfair to accuse them of shucking and jiving for white folks.
    I commend rap videos for defining a black beauty standard. Since the 80's, rap imagery has been one of the only places that celebrates black curves. Because of the overwhelming bombardment of white standards of what is sexy and beautiful, I find rap videos a welcome break.


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