Minister Farrakhan: "I have dedicated my life to truth"

[Note: On August 20, 1984, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was invited to address members of the United Nations and community leadership at the United Nations Building in New York, New York on various events of that time, the guidance and warning. This article contains edited excerpts from that address, titled “A Message To The United Nations: The Spirit of Warning"]

I have dedicated my life to truth and to the service of a suffering Black people in the United States of America, and oppressed people all over the world. However, I have never been censured for my good works.

I am censured and repudiated because I dare to speak the truth among those who hate the truth. And without truth, none of us can be free, and none of us can do justice, and none of us can have real peace.

I have been accused of being an “Anti-Semite.” I am not that, and it would be disgusting for me to waste the valuable time of distinguished men and women to fill their ears with that which could be considered against the Semitic people of the Earth.

I am not a racist, though I have been called these things. I am not against people, of whatever nation they belong, seeking advantage for their nation in the name of “nationalism.”

While nationalism is natural, and is necessary—it is not “the ultimate,” for nationalism is a stepping stone to universalism.

And it is only when men and nations see the interconnected relationship of nations; and understand that any nation that is oppressed or deprived means that the family of nations will ultimately feel the pain of that one unless the deprivation and the oppression of that nation, or those nations, are addressed by those who feel they are in a better position, that universalism can be attained.

I am not against the colors [of people], that God has allowed to exist, seeking advantage for their color. But what we stand against is when a nation will deprive another nation of liberty and justice and the pursuit of happiness to rob that nation to enrich itself. That is not “nationalism.”

When one color will exploit another for its own aggrandizement to the detriment and deprivation of another, that is not “lifting up one's race,” that is outright wickedness. And all men and women of conscience; all men and women who love justice and truth must condemn wickedness wherever we find it.

And so, as a Student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man whom we believe Almighty God, Allah, raised up among Black people as a Messenger and a Warner to Black people; as a Messenger and a Warner to America; and ultimately, to the nations of the Earth, I ask:

Why should Black people be warned? Why should America be warned? Why should the nations of the Earth be warned?

It is because America, the nations of the Earth and Black people are offending The God of Time, and, The True Path that men and nations should be on.

Black people are offending God because the time of our servitude to White America is up, and we must begin to make independent steps. We cannot, as a people, continue to depend on others to feed, clothe and shelter us, and yet desire to be treated as an equal. We must become a productive nation. And if we do not become productive, then we offend God, and we offend The Time, and we offend ourselves, and we offend our unborn generations. Therefore, we must be warned to get up from the foot of America and get up from this groveling, servitude position and exert our energies; to assert ourselves as free men and women.

America must be warned because America has done injustice by Black people, by the Native Americans, by poor people, and by other nations of the Earth. If America does not change her course of action, America will go the way of her sister nations: Ancient Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah, Ancient Rome and Ancient Babylon.

The nations of the Earth must be warned because many of the nations are in league with injustice. And so, my honor and blessing and privilege of being here is in The Spirit of Warning.



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