Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks June 26, 2010 in Atlanta

Live address to be carried via public webcast @ NOI.org/webcast

ATLANTA, GA. (NOI.org) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is scheduled to deliver a major public address Saturday, June 26, 2010 live at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center.

The title of Minister Farrakhan’s address is “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” and will be hosted by the Nation of Islam at the Atlanta Civic Center on Saturday June 26, 2010 at 7:00pm Eastern Time. The address is to be made freely available to the public live via webcast @ http://www.noi.org/webcast/

For many centuries, scholars and historians and seekers have differed in their opinions regarding the subject. On June 26, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will delve deeply into the subject, solving the mystery once and for all.

For more information, call: 404-963-6659

Webcast notes:
- Live audio/video feed begins @ 6:45pm Eastern Time
- Access page: http://www.noi.org/webcast/
- Cost: Free with optional donation
- Webcast requires: Windows Media or Silverlight Plug-in for PC, MAC, Linux

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  1. Louis Farrakhan says Jews owe blacks due to their "anti black" behavior.
    Jews owe blacks an apology as much as the NAACP owes the KKK one , or Emmitt Till owes one to the white woman he whistled at.
    The idea that Jews being disproportiately involved in injustice towards blacks is absolute history revisionism. In fact, the opposite is true-the worst hate crimes against Jews in America have been from blacks. (and the worst hate crimes against Asians too).
    So sad to see black folks donning the white sheet and burning a cross on someone else's front porch. Unfortunately they've been doing it for a long time now. We won't have a real civil rights movement until the "anti-racists" stop giving black bigots a free pass.

  2. @Emett Till, man please! Jews were DEFINEATELY involved and monopolized the slave trade. You obliviously have read either one of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews! Just look at the facts with logic not emotion and you as well as anyone else will see the truth. Black bigots huh? So when you tell truth about someone your a bigot huh? Wow, you can say what you want but facts are facts. If you can't accept the facts then you have a problem. If they participated in the slave trade and there's proof, then it's a fact! Plain and simple! Jews participated in the slavery of black Africans, and we have the proof. Now if truth is racism, and the speaker of truth is a racist, then my comment is racism and I'm a racist and I love it!


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