Nation celebrating the lives of Idris Muhammad and Khalifah Muhammad

I had a hard time even putting this on my blog because it is so tragic. However, I have blogged about the lost of others so I wanted to briefly talk about the impact of these two young Muslims we lost on last week.

This morning, at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, Nation of Islam members Nisa Islam Muhammad and Anthony Muhammad buried their two sons. Khalifah Muhammmad, 18, and Idris Muhammad, 20, made their transitions after a fatal car accident on the night of June 23.

I received the news early Thursday morning (June 24) via multiple text messages from across the country and I could not believe it. But my (our) pain is no where near the pain of Sis. Nisa, Bro. Anthony, their siblings, cousins, and more. These two young men were considered the NOI's babies because many knew them and they were raised by the members of the D.C.-based Muhammad Mosque No.4.

These two young men were role models to their peers and loved by thousands. Idris had recently graduated from college and Khalifah had just won Morehouse Freshman of the Year. Matter of fact I had just interviewed him last month for this Final Call newspaper article about his award: "Muslim student wins Morehouse 'Freshman of the Year'". Please read about his impact on campus.

My sincere condolences to Sis. Nisa, Bro. Anthony, and the entire family. May Allah (God) bless you all and we're here as your extended family to support.

We shall all miss Idris and Khalifah.

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  1. Thank you for your words, Brother Jesse. It is a major loss and trial for the family and friends and the extended family. I pray that Allah soothes this family and strengthen us in prayer and faith, for none knows the hour. Let's continue to be a family to Sister Nisa and Broter Anthony in hopes that we may help to lift the burden from their hearts in degrees.

  2. I'm blown away by this. I remember him from when he was a toddler and I've seen him grow into a young man with such potential. Please continue to pray for Bro. Anthony, Sis. Nisa and the whole Mosque No. 4 family in this time of grief.

  3. Sis. LaTika Muhammad from Birmingham, ALJune 28, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    ASA! Brother Jesse, thank you so much for extending these words to us and the family of Bro. Anthony and Sis. Nisa. I was so heartful at the loss that I didn't know what to say initially but found the strength to say something. My family has prayed for them daily, for Allah to keep them in His grace and mercy and to hold on to them during to great trial. And it's important for us as the Believing family to be there for them both. My shoulder is here!


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