Student involved in Derrion Albert brawl gets fresh start at Muhammad University of Islam

(Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / April 8, 2010)
Vashion "B.J." Bullock, who started his senior year at Fenger High School, participates in a morning drill at Muhammad University of Islam.
This was truly inspiring to read.

I came across this recent article on the website of the Chicago Tribune related to the brutal death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert last September. That video was so personally hurtful to me I refused to post it on my blog. I can still see that young brother being smashed in the head with that 2x4 board.

When I saw this article about Vashion "B.J." Bullock and Montrell Truitt, it brought a smile to my face to see two young men involved in that incident turning a negative into a positive. Bullock received even more backlash.

According to the article:
Bullock said he rushed into the fight, in Roseland near the school, after being pummeled in the face with a brick.

When a digital recording of the melee emerged, it showed Bullock shirtless in the middle of a frenetic mob. It showed him picking up a wooden plank and standing over Albert, who was already on the ground losing consciousness after being punched and whacked. But instead of striking Albert with the plank, he walked away.

His brother, Eugene Riley, was charged with murder for allegedly striking Albert with a two-by-four.

Bullock faced repercussions, too. He was expelled from Chicago Public Schools for two years. Although he was assigned to an alternative school, the option felt like a dead end and he chose not to enroll.
Due to the help of LaTonja Styles Muhammad, who founded the non-profit Political Swagger, Bullock was accepted into Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago. According to MUI's website, the school was originally established in 1934 by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Detroit, MI to "reverse the poison inherent in the educational system."

The Tribune further reports:
MUI was built around the idea that everyone is redeemable. .

"Discipline starts with expectation," said MUI Principal Larry Muhammad. "You'd be surprised how fast young people can adjust in the right environment."

....Bullock said the day he got accepted to MUI, not the fight, was the defining moment of his year.
Bullock will graduate next month and plans to major in engineering! As for Truitt, who was struck by a wooden plank during that Sept. brawl, he decided to stay at Fenger High School despite its bad rap. He is now graduating in the top of his class and has acceptances from three colleges.

Go head young brothers!


(Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / June 4, 2010)
Montrell Truitt, of Altgeld Gardens, poses for family and neighbors before leaving for his prom date.



  1. Brother Jesse, this is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Zack Thanks bro. I had to post this!!!!


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