Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad and the Southern Region ready to receive Minister Farrakhan!

Minister Sharrieff Muhammad (center) and others following his message in Southaven, MS

by Jesse Muhammad
Special to the Tri-State Defender

Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad of Atlanta and the Nation of Islam membership of the Southern Region are leaving nothing to chance in preparation for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s scheduled visit to the Atlanta Civic Center on Saturday (June 26).

Farrakhan’s address will be “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” It will be available in Memphis on live broadcast via WLOK.com and WRUGradio.com from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CST.

“We have been going throughout the (Atlanta) community to every event you could think of to push posters, flyers and someone even donated a free billboard. The community is on fire and they want to hear from the Minister!” Sharrieff told The Final Call.

In addition to a combination of radio advertisements, on the ground pushes by Muhammad Mosque No. 15 and Internet marketing, Sharrieff embarked on a speaking tour to spread the message about the upcoming event.

“Minister Farrakhan said he wanted us to let our people in the Southern Region know he loves them and that he wants every city to hear him. When he was preparing for the Million Man March, he didn’t sit back and wait. He went out into the highways and byways. So I’m using his template and I have hit just about every nook and cranny of this region letting the people know Minister Farrakhan loves them,” said Sharrieff.

On June 10, Sharrieff was a guest speaker in Greenville, Miss. and spoke on the subject “Do the Muslims believe in Jesus?” The event was held at the location of the NOI’s Greenville Study Group. While in town he also met with several dignitaries and conducted a radio interview.

“His message was very timely and greatly needed,” said Mississippi state Sen. Johnny Walls.

“Brother Sharrieff is a powerful witness. We feel it is our duty to get everyone in the Delta prepared to hear Minister Farrakhan on June 26,” said Larry Muhammad, who assisted in mobilizing the gathering in Greenville.

Mississippi’s pioneering black radio host Larry Dee Nelson Sr. lost his son in 2007 to violence. He has been active in pursuit of getting Farrakhan’s upcoming message played on the airwaves throughout the state.

“Over the last three years in Mississippi we’ve had a record number of killings of our young brothers but I can’t get my Christian ministers to step up and address the issues,” Nelson told The Final Call. “They shy away from dealing with it. We have to broadcast this message by Minister Farrakhan without fear of offending advertisers.”

Nelson, a 30-year radio veteran at WROX 1450AM, also launched The Victim’s Group to help others cope with the lost of their love ones to violence. Members of the group came out to hear Sharrieff speak.

“Minister Sharrieff was powerful and he brought a message that is not being given to the young people here in the Delta,” said Nelson.

Walls said Farrakhan’s upcoming address will be “timely for the people in the Delta because we have been through so much. The people here forget who we are and where we came from, so his message will serve as a reminder of who we are. I know no better person than Minister Farrakhan to deliver that message.”

Sharrieff spoke in Monroe, La. on June 11 before rounding out the Mid-South tour in Jackson and Southaven in Mississippi with a message titled “I bear witness that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Jesus in our midst.”

“We have buses and vans coming from all over the region. We’re going to have this message heard via radio throughout the region and we’re going to continue to push,” said Sharrieff.

The local mosque has opened a restaurant, barbershop, bakery, bookstore and clothing store, said Sharrieff, noting that many of the locations have been turned into ticket distribution centers for Farrakhan’s visit.

I love Minister Farrakhan so much and I am following in his footsteps. I desire to do what he is doing. That’s our problem—we won’t follow his example and be successful,” said Sharrieff.

(Parts of this story originally appeared in The Final Call Newspaper)

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