The Community and Resistance Grassroots Media Tour launches Fall 2010

Two years ago, I was invited by New Orleans-based journalist, activist, and author Jordan Flaherty to join him and others for the 2008 Grassroots Media Justice tour throughout the South from Florida to Texas. I had an amazing time speaking and visiting many places for the first time.

Well, Jordan is bringing the tour back this Fall and I am honored to be one of those selected to join this year's tour.

The Community and Resistance Tour seeks to communicate about current struggles for justice and liberation, from the current BP Oil Drilling Disaster devastating the Gulf Coast to nooses hung in the northern Louisiana town of Jena. From women organizing inside prisons to cultural resistance.

The tour also seeks to connect communities of liberation, and to build relationships between grassroots activists and independent media. This tour is for anyone interested in issues of health care, education, criminal justice, housing, or the ways in which systems of racism, patriarchy and other forms of oppression intersect with these struggles.

Sponsored by Haymarket Books, PM Press, Left Turn Magazine, and other radical and independent media projects from around the US, the Community and Resistance Tour is an exciting movement-building opportunity.

Beginning August, 2010, the tour will bring speakers, images, short videos, and inspiration to towns and cities in across the US. I will be touring from September 11-28 with stops in cities such as New York, Syracuse, Cleveland, Chicago and more. (Click here to see dates)

Featured presenters will also include Jordan Flaherty and Victoria Law(click this link for bios). For more information, including how to bring the tour to your city, please email neworleans (at) leftturn.org or nick (at) haymarketbooks.org.

Visit the official website @ communityandresistance.wordpress.com

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