Looks like I struck a nerve on my latest blog for HoustonBelief.com!

When I posted my latest blog for the Houston Chronicle's HoustonBelief.com website, I had no idea it would get this many comments.

My blogs, posted under the theme Talking race, religion and politics in "The Upper Situation Room", gets pretty decent comments per post. But this was an all-time high for me.

I blogged about the Florida church that is calling for an International "Burn A Qur'an Day" for the anniversary of 9/11. I started not to even acknowledge that foolishness but I decided to weigh in on it just a little on August 4.

Later that afternoon I noticed a flood of comments started rolling in back to back and I was wondering if someone had sent out an email blast about it. I would later find out that the Houston Chronicle actually placed it on the homepage of their website. Thus the traffic was crazy. They took it down after a few hrs and then reposted it back on the homepage under the "Life" section the next day.

Thus, it now has over 150 comments and was one of the top five posts of the day. After reading every comment, all I can say is....is....sigh. Some people are simply out of their minds.

Please go and read it for yourself and weigh in if you would like to.

Log on: http://blogs.chron.com/brotherjesse/2010/08/church_plans_burn_a_quran_day.html

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