Minister Farrakhan's Prophetic Warning to Wyclef Jean on Leading Haiti

In the above video, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan uses his prophetic foresight and wisdom to warn Wyclef Jean not to get caught up and be used in the political process in Haiti. This clip was recorded on February 28, 2010 at the annual Saviours' Day convention put on by the Nation of Islam. On August 4th, 2010, Wyclef Jean announced that he would be running for President of Haiti. Also see below footage of Wyclef announcing he will run in the political race to become Haitian President.

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  1. Ok, this just sent chills up and down my spine. He was there in attendance, nodding his head in agreeance yet allowed it to go in 1 ear & out the other? I understand that people do what they think/feel is right for them but when you have such an annointed messenger prophesize over you...you may want to take heed to the message. -@kimLpatrick

  2. ASA,
    Thank you so very much Bro. Jesse for this timely message about Wyclef run for Haitian President. What Min. Farrakhan said to him during SD 2010 was and is important! During SD 2010, I had the same feeling that Wyclef had something very heavy on his mind. I do hope that Wyclef will take the Minister's words to heart. To be truthful, I believe Wyclef will do the right thing, though soon, the situation in the entire Caribbean notwithstanding the entire world, is going to get far, far, far worst including in Amerikka as well!
    I am going to post this message to some of my Yahoogroups!

  3. My thoughts on Farrakan: I'm white. I wouldn't want to be in a dark alley w/ his followers angry @ me, but I like this guy. He comes off as violent, only if 1 fails to see that he's talking about the pain of hundreds of years of opression, and if you fail to see that, you are blind. This man is so obviously talking about unhealed wounds, more than serious threat @ violent revolution, that you'd have to be.


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