"A Virtuous Woman. Who Me?"......my mother writes.

(My mother, Mavis Jackson, is a monthly guest columnist for Hurt 2 Healing magazine. I was so touched by her article in this month's edition, I had to post a snippet of it for you to read. Our mother has been through a lot and is a witness of God's Transforming Power!)

by Mavis Jackson, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

The topic for this month’s issue is one that is age old and dates back to the beginning of early civilizations. To be described as a "virtuous woman" has been, and still is a desire of most women. It is a title that denotes respect, honor and commands attention from many of our male species. I will be sharing my journey and experiences that have blessed me to become the best example I can be of a virtuous woman and how I overcame the challenges involved.

I always like to start off with a definition, so I consulted with Webster and found the following: virtuous -"conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally upright". The Thesaurus gave the words, honest, noble, pure, good and moral. One might ask if anyone could live up to those standards, and I believe the truth is, one may come close, but―"we all fall short".

I immediately recalled a period in my life where none of those adjectives described me or my behaviors. As with any transition, before becoming a somewhat virtuous woman, I was a not-so-virtuous woman. The time of which I speak was the years I was enslaved to an addiction. In the throes of addiction, no woman or man has the mental aptitude or desire to be honest, moral or upright. That state of being is one that strips a person of all ethical attitudes and moral inclinations. Being in the midst of an addiction is like being in the middle of a tornado spinning through life, believing you have no way out.

 I remember it so vividly and yet it is many years behind me today.

The degradation and physical abuse that I suffered at the hands of others in their addiction, drug dealers and even those I mistakenly looked upon as "friends" is a story too long to share in this column. But I will assure you that my character then and now are like night and day.

Today when I think back on some of the behaviors I exhibited, it still shocks me. Through the grace of God and the support of others who overcame addictions, I can honestly say that I am now much closer to being a virtuous woman. (Note: I will be sharing those details in a book, so look for it sometime in the next two years!)

Being a virtuous woman is indeed about overcoming obstacles in life, but it is also about taking the steps to change and become a better person.

When I was blessed to overcome my addiction, it opened up so many closed doors in my mind and spirit that I never knew existed.

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  1. This is awesome Mrs. Jackson, and I pray God will continue to use you in mighty ways! Can hardly wait to read the book...blessings, and love to you.



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