A message to "Jay, 50, and Weezy" from Dee-1 of New Orleans

I first came in contact with Dee-1 while rolling in New Orleans with my friend Fatima, who picked me up from the airport when I came to town to investigate some news stories.

She started telling me about Dee-1 and played one of his songs for me. The title of the song was "Jay, 50, and Weezy" and she told me it was featured on AllHipHop.com. Within seconds the concept of the song caught my attention and I said to myself "hold up, this brother got flow and a message."

Let's be honest. The rap game is saturated with people who should give up the mic and go get a job at the nearest airport. No offense to anyone who works at an airport. (smile)

My point is too many lack substance or a message moving the people to uplifting thought and some kind of action. The conscious rapper is now coming from whence we knew not. I have rarely highlighted rappers on my blog for a reason.

But today ladies and gentlemen I present to you Dee-1.

Dee-1 doesn't have time to waste. Rather than watching from the sidelines, he's chosen to make history as he journeys into the crazy world known as the music game. Failure is not an option.

Often described as “a mix between Common and T.I.”, Dee-1 is one of few Hip-Hop artists who specialize in making music that is lyrically profound while still appealing to the masses. Born & raised in the heart of New Orleans, Dee-1 shares the same struggles as the legendary artists that put the 504 on the map, but he is determined to represent the city with a different viewpoint by using insightful and thought provoking rhymes in his music.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree, Dee-1 began teaching middle school in Baton Rouge by day to help fund his music projects. The strong bond he formed with his students inspired him to be a powerful leader, but it also made it hard for him to leave. Finally, he decided that his passion for hip hop was too much to ignore and that being "Dee-1" gave him a much larger platform to be heard than being "Mr. Augustine." Sleepless nights being a full time teacher and part time rapper were replaced by sleepless nights being a "full time dream chaser," as chronicled in his courageous song "The Announcement."

Having already built a solid street buzz with his mixtapes Still We Rise and I Am Who I Am, Dee-1 has catapulted to another level with the release of his critically acclaimed independent album "David & Goliath," which is available on iTunes, at dee1music.com, and at select Best Buy stores. "David & Goliath" was nominated for Hip Hop album of the Year by Louisiana's 1 music publication, Offbeat Magazine.

I have a personal copy of the album "David & Goliath" and it's in my I-pod rotation. I support this young brother's music because he's bringing a message that we need.

So check out his latest video "Jay, 50, and Weezy" directed and produced by B.Mike of 2-Cent Entertainment. Let me know what you think!

Like he says in the song "Take heed...this aint coming from no jealous dude."


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  1. I really gotta' say - this brother did an excellent job with the song and video. His message is not too preachy, so people will not get lost. The beat is bangin', so the song is still entertaining. And, the video is innovative. So, people outside of the 'conscious community' will actually watch it. He's got that New Orleans drag to his voice. Gotta' love that! Dee-1 definitely got something.

  2. He was telling like it is. (On the real)
    Keep up the good work.

  3. This is what THE MIA CAMPAIGN is all about!!!
    WE need him for the HIP HOP DAY OF SERVICE!!! www.miacampaign.wordpress.com Are YOU on board?? Hip Hop Stand Up!!

  4. To quote the great Chuck D., "B-Side wins again!" You found another gem, brah. That's whassup and that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Good stuff, Jesse. Big up to Dee-1, a true wordsmith...stay true to yourself!

    EX (Sean R. Muhammad)

  5. WOW!!!!!! See THIS is REAL HIP HOP!!!! Thank you Brother Jesse for the share!

  6. Hip-Hop used to be the divining rod for Black Cultures Moral Compass, that is until it became the sounding board for the little narcissistic sambo's who brag about trivial insignificant material possessions, questionable sexual conquest's, and the needless slaying of their brothers and potential audience. So, it is very refreshing to hear someone like Dee-1, but my hope is that he remain on this path where he uses his gift for good and not evil because a lot of our so-called stars start out that way, and then are coerced to leave the narrow path of righteousness to pursue BIG THANGS, Sadly

  7. I must say that was hot, touching, and he had real flow. I'm convinced, much success to Dee-1. Will purchase album "David and Goliath". This thought comin from a self-proclaimed Hip Hopoligist. Peace Michael Muhammad

  8. The rap game is saturated with people who should give up the mic and go get a job at the nearest airport.

    Over saturated even! If I never hear another Soldier Boy song again it will be too soon.

    Please keep the substantive artists coming.


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