Speaking Tour Update #2: From Amherst, Massachusetts to the University of Vermont…..covering a lot of ground.

The last time I posted a tour update we were scheduled to speak at Amherst College located in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Thanks to the hard work of Professor Sujania Reddy, Food for Thought Bookstore and others we had a capacity crowd at the Stirn Auditorium. Jordan, Victoria and I delivered our talks and received great feedback from the diverse audience of mostly students.


In my spare time I found out that this was the hometown of the great poet Emily Dickinson. I took a moment to visit her home which has been turned into a tourist spot.

Plus I took this nice shot of a squirrel while enjoying the sunlight at the bed and breakfast hotel that the school housed us in. Nice shot, huh? (smile)

The next day we hit the road towards Worcester, Massachusetts which is only a few hours away. In route to the town I saw this billboard which I believe has a great message to apply in life.

We arrived in Worcester an hour before our program was scheduled to start. The event was held at Clark University and was hosted by a student group called Clark Unite. There is a lot of progressive work being done on campus in particular staging protests against Sodexho Marriott in support of food workers. It’s an on-going fight.

This time Jordan showed two videos during his presentation regarding the plight of housing in New Orleans. One included “New Orleans for Sale” by the group 2-Cent. I spoke again on the organizing model extracted from the case of the Jena Six and also the true purpose of education. We fielded a lot of questions as well before going out for some great pizza.

Shout out to the collective of local organizers who housed us in their huge 8-bedroom home sitting on a lot of land! I even took out some time to have an Air Jordan moment. Do you think I dunked it or missed it? Don’t hate on my skills! Lol.

On September 16 we hit the road from Worcester heading towards Burlington, Vermont. This would be our longest drive thus far. Great scenery on the way but the signal in some of these areas is so bad that we kept losing our satellite radio stations. Crazy!

We arrived safely several hours before the event. Hosted by English Professor Helen Scott, we spoke at the University of Vermont’s John Dewey Lounge. It rained hard but I believe we had a decent turnout considering the bad weather. Plus the people in attendance asked great questions and provided a lot of feedback regarding justice issues locally and nationally.

This was my first time in Vermont. Matter of fact this was my first time in Massachusetts.

Next stop on the tour was last night in Syracuse, New York at The Spa at 500. It was a great event and I will update you on it once we complete today's event in Pittsburgh. According to information I received from Jasiri X, there's going to be a Justice for Jordan Miles rally there at 2pm today. Jordan Miles was brutally beaten by the police in January. Please read more information about the rally at http://justiceforjordanmiles.com.

Know anyone Pittsburgh? This time I do…..well, I am going to know more. Here is the remaining schedule for the Community & Resistance Tour @ http://communityandresistance.wordpress.com

Friendships in all walks of life.

More updates coming soon.

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  1. Bro.Jesse,

    You are doing a wonderful work bringing insight to many and in the process uniting people.Keep up the good work may Allah continue to guide your path.

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