Speaking Tour Update #3: From Syracuse to Bluffton, Ohio? I've never heard of it either!

We’re on the move hitting a different city everyday.

I'm starting to lose track of the day of the week but I am having a lot of fun!

In my last blog update we had just finished our event in Syracuse, New York on September 17.

The event was hosted at The Spa 500 and we had a great turnout. Too bad we couldn't get a free massage! The co-organizer of the event, Richard, and a coalition of grassroots groups did a wonderful job in spreading the word as people filled the community room.

After Jordan and I did our well received talks we fielded comments and questions from the audience. This is always my favorite part. Long-time activist Charles Pierce-EL shared insight into how the RICO laws are being used to lock up young Black males with alarming tactics. NOI Student Minister Mark Muhammad reiterated this and certainly sparked my interest to write a story on this for The Final Call.

It was also great to see Min. Mark and a few of the Believers of the local mosque.

A special shout out to the collective who housed us in their huge home for the night. Everything in their home is wholistic, green and they grow their own foods. So we ate good, enjoyed great conversation and laughed a lot.

Oh yeah—they have the original Nintendo game system. I know you don’t believe me but I played Double Dribble. What ya’ll know about that? (smile)

On September 18 we headed to the Pittsburgh aka The City of Steel.

Our event that night was hosted at the Shadow Lounge (5972 Baum Blvd) and was coordinated by local activists Bret and Lissy.

I was honored to be in the presence of Pittsburgh Student Minister and music artist Jasiri X along with the local Fruit of Islam brother. Also the great Paradise Gray was on deck. Earlier that day they had all attended the rally in support of Jordan Miles who was brutally beaten by the police in January. Bro. Jasiri was our gracious host for the night. (Thanks again for the hospitality brother)

Before departing Pittsburgh on Sept. 19 we stopped by to visit the building that houses Muhammad Mosque No. 22. The Believers there are so warm, giving and loving. We took a tour of the building, which is huge! I also took this photo of some of the Believers and the sisters prepared us overflowing plates of food for the road. Thanks to that plate I got sleepy earlier than normal. Great food.

From Pittsburgh we headed to Bluffton, Ohio. Where in the world is that? People in Pittsburgh asked the same thing! LOL.

Bluffton was the beginning of a three day trip in Ohio. We passed a lot of corn fields to get to that town. Can you say "Children of the Corn"?

Stay tuned for what happened next.

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More updates coming soon.


  1. 9/24/10

    ASA Brother Jesse,

    It's always good to hear about what you encountered on your tour.Spreading the word of Islam plus uniting people is a truly noble endeavor.You are doing a good work that I feel assured Allah will reward you for.Allah loves those that brings truth.Again! thanks for keeping me and us updated on your Unity Speaking Tour.


    Bro.Andr'e X,Jacksonville Local Organizing Committee Inc.,Millions More Movement

  2. Thank Allah for the inspiration that stood us up in the hells of America i see it wont die or just survive yea it will be true and living for generations to come Islam..peace


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