Speaking Tour Update #4: Three days in the state of Ohio. Great Time!

As I write this blog we just finished our event here in Asheville, NC at Firestorm Café and Books. Great event once again.

My last tour stop is in Atlanta on Sept. 28 and I have a break until Oct. 5 when we head to speak in Canada.
This tour has truly been a blessing and an honor. I thank my friend and fellow comrade in the struggle, Jordan Flaherty, for bringing me on board once again. I invite you all to get a copy of his awesome book Floodlines.

Let me catch you up a little on what has been going on the last week.

I closed out my last update cracking a joke about Bluffton, Ohio but in actuality it was one of the best events we’ve had on this tour. Yes the town is small and its surrounded by cornfields, yet the campus is very nice.
Jordan and I spoke on Sept. 19 inside of the prestigious Yoder Recital Hall at Bluffton University. The audience was filled with students, staff, politicians, community organizers and more. I actually had several of the residents there tell me they read The Final Call online. One of the interesting questions posed to me was by one of the Black athletes when he asked “Why does it seem like the government targets Black males?”…..I am sure you know that question raised a few eyebrows. And my response probably did too yet we were well received by everyone.

Thank you to our hosts in Bluffton, Ohio. I officially now have friends there.

From Bluffton we headed to Columbus on Sept. 20 to speak twice. Tell me why people in Columbus had not heard of Bluffton. Funny!

The first session was held in the Black Cultural Center on the campus of Ohio State aka “Football Heaven.” Man I swear the number one religion at that school is football!

In our first meeting we spoke to a group of media specialists, organizers and communications majors about the importance of independent media, resistance efforts in the Gulf and coalition building. This was also the first time someone asked us specifically what drives us to do the type of work we’re doing.

Since I was at the Black Cultural Center I took the time to look around and take pictures. On display was the works of Terry K. Hunter. Being an artist myself, which you may not know, I was greatly impressed and moved by his works. Here’s a few of them.

That evening we spoke at the African American and African Studies Community Extension Center. Located in the historic Mount Vernon area in near east Columbus, the Community Extension Center provides community outreach and education programs designed to enhance the educational opportunities of students and improve the quality of life for people who live and work in the neighborhoods near and around the center and Columbus's urban communities.

For the first time we had spoken word performances made by two local students. Awesome! We again presented our talks on resistance and were joined by Tanya Adams, a local mental health specialist.

One thing I greatly enjoyed at this center was reading the history of Black student uprisings on the campus of Ohio State. We have been struggling for a long time.

Next stop in Ohio was Cincinnati on Sept. 21 for our event held at the Joseph-Beth Booksellers. A small yet powerful group of people were in attendance. Even people shopping stopped by once they heard us talking. We were told by some that our event might have been the most “radical” one of the year this far at that spot. Funny!

Also this was the first city that I met someone who was from Houston. We made a lot of connections and they showed mad love for Jordan’s book with this a great display.

Overall we have eaten great in every city and Ohio did not disappoint.

That was my first time in Ohio but then it was time to head to familiar territory: Chicago!

All of my Atlanta friends please come out Sept. 28 at the AFSC Regional Office located at 60 Walton Street, NE starting at 7pm.

More updates coming soon!

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