Making My Debut On The Award-Winning FreshXpress.com Blog

The Fresh Xpress is one of the few blogs I check out every week because I love the content, dialogue and fresh perspective.

I first learned about The Fresh Xpress when I won three 2009 Black Weblog Awards and saw their name listed as one of the winners as well. I was immediately captured and even had a chance to get to know its Editor-in-Chief and founder Sean Walton, Jr. a little better beyond the tweets and blogs. Sharp brother and you can read more about him @ www.seanwaltonjr.com.

I received an email from Sean this morning alerting me that my blog "Bullying Is Not New: I Was Bullied But Didn’t Kill Myself" has been posted on their website. I thanked him and I had no idea it would be placed on the front page. I had to get a screen shot of that because its a great honor. Plus you might not believe me! LOL. Just joking.

Why did I write that blog?

I am honestly trying to wrap my mind around why bullying leading to suicides has become the “in thing” since children have been bullying one another for decades.

Unemotionally and humbly I can’t help but ask: Is bullying really an excuse to take your life?

I was a serious victim of bullying and teasing when I attended Fondren Middle School in Southwest Houston. I was extremely skinny, lanky, and dark so I was an easy target for jokes and pranks.

Please read the full blog and comment @ Bullying Is Not New: I Was Bullied But Didn’t Kill Myself

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