Welcoming Ana María to Brother Jesse Blog as Health and Wellness columnist

(Blogger's Note: Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Ana María Serrano, aka "Brooklyn Fit Mami". She is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and an Independent Team Beachbody Coach based in Brooklyn. We connected via Twitter and I reached out to her about becoming a health and wellness columnist for Brother Jesse Blog. She greatly accepted! Look out for her posts as she shares her insight on healthy living and how to get yourself a "beach body". I'm excited. This is her first post.)

Since this is my first post, I am not ashamed to say I was very nervous as I sat down to address Brother Jesse’s cherished readers. I had a million things to say and didn’t know where to start. After my submission deadline came and went, I confessed to Brother Jesse that I was suffering from a complete brain freeze. You know, everything and NOTHING to say. He dug deep into his wealth of knowledge and replied “just start writing”. He advised me to tell you all about my passion for health and wellness. That sounded right to me, so here’s my story.

As is the case with many people who develop a love of fitness, I came to it because of a bit of a personal wellness crisis. I was never an exercise addict, but I listened to the prevailing advice to get some cardio in to stay fit. I power walked every morning and came to love yoga after being introduced to a Rodney Yee “tape”. (Yes, this was years ago!) Those activities allowed me to manage my weight and kept me feeling good. I continued both activities throughout my pregnancy. God blessed me with the most beautiful daughter ever!!

Then, postpartum depression hit, my thyroid almost completely shut down, a condition known as hypothyroidism, and it was almost impossible to get out and workout with a newborn baby. It didn’t help that it was winter so there wasn’t even the option of walking through the park. I was at a low emotionally, physically and psychologically.

The only high was my weight.

One day I was walking up the seven steps in front of my apartment building and my knees gave me so much pain. That was my rock bottom, or maybe an “Ah-ha” moment. I got inside, sat on my couch and sobbed thinking “it shouldn’t hurt to walk; I shouldn’t be hurting so much inside either”. Right then and there I decided to heal my body and soul. I had a child to take care of and I owed it to both of us to be the best ME I could be.

Since that time I have studied to get my Masters in Mental Health Counseling, got certified as a Nutrition and Wellness consultant and started a fitness coaching business. I have an intense passion for health and wellness and sharing it with my community.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my years of knowledge and experience with you and look forward to hearing what it is you would like to know so I can be a resource to help you reach optimal wellness.

(To read more about Ana María Serrano, visit her BeachBody Coaching Website, follow her on Twitter and "LIKE" her Facebook fan page)

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  1. I adore Ana's columns! They are witty and very easy for reading) Hope she'll stay here for a long time reading this column!


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