You’re a Champion! Don’t Think You Are, Know You Are.


It’s time to lace up, head out the front door, and do something that will get you one step closer to bringing your ideas into concrete reality.

Losing is not in your playbook today. You have your mind fixed on winning. You’re amped! Yeah, that’s right.

The other day I was watching the movie Just Wright on DVD. It’s a classic in my book. I love that movie. During the credits a song with the chorus “I’m a Champion” caught my ear.

I immediately Googled it and found out it is a joint by none other than Queen Latifah–originally as part of 2008 AT&T Team USA soundtrack. Don’t know how I missed this song but it’s officially in my I-pod rotation.

You’re a Champion! Play it. Jam to it. Read the lyrics. Then get up and do something to show it. Don’t Think You Are, Know You Are.

I'm so secure with who I am
And I'm a champion for sure
I'm a champ oh yes I am

But what I thought about
When those people put me down
They can laugh for now
But watch it when I turn this thing around
I know, I believe
Aint nobody gonna do it but me
I'm fly, no lie
I'm the truth baby ask me why

I'm a champion (repeat)

Keep your head up
They hatin' cause you majored in minor
Gonna celebrate like you won the finals
Hold your trophy up in your parade in your honor
And pour some champagne and put your glass to the sky
'Cause you a champion
You're a champion

I'm a champion (repeat)

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  1. peace, Brother Jesse! thank you for posting this! this immediately inspired me. this will replace the theme from "rocky" in my iPod to encourage me to get my workout in every day. :) also the words will act as positive affirmations to remind myself that i am a champion. i was just reflecting on my life and what i've learned and accomplished (not material or monetary) but being a mother, a daughter, a friend, a student, a healer, and a teacher. i had to give myself props for going on during times that appeared very dark and bleak. i came out of those times like a champ. so thank you so much for this!

    i never saw the movie, but i enjoy this song. Queen Latifah sounds hot on this track btw. she has truly blossomed. it is sort of an anthem for her. she has had great success transforming.

    i'd like to continue achieve this same level of success: transforming and evolving with grace...

    thank you again for posting this!


  2. Peace Brother Jesse,

    I agree, this is the ultimate motivational song, especially to start your day off with! Thank you for sharing this! I have heard the song a few times, but you have added a new spin on it....a nice spin from the Professional Procrastinator blog you did! LOL that was hilarious!

    Sister Ebony


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