Life: Sometimes you don't see the punch coming

This past weekend I was in New Orleans as a parent escort for The Elevated Places School. Their junior engineering society was attending and competing at the Region V conference of the National Society of Black Engineers. They won first place in the robotics competition! Great job students! Ok, this is not what this blog is about but I had to give them a quick shot out. (smile)

On Saturday night, while enjoying Bean Soup and Bean Pie in our hotel rooms, we started watching the Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams boxing match. Not knowing what was ahead, we all started saying that from the looks of the first round Williams was going to take the match. He was looking vibrant, sharp, landing more punches and looked confident.

Then in the second round, at the 2:02 mark, Martinez landed a vicious left that sent Williams flying to the mat. It looked as if he was totally unconscious from being hit by a Mack truck. We all said in unison "Wow" and "Daaaaaaaaaaaang!" in our best Chris Tucker on Friday voice.

Just like that, the match was over. This has to be the knock out of the year.

Since I have a history of looking "deeper" into things such as movies like "300" and "Troy" or even the "Mayweather vs Mosley" fight, you know something came across my mind to blog about.

One of the commentators said, "Williams was fighting the perfect fight--doing everything right. And just one punch out of no where changed the whole result."

That happens in life. When you want to be the best. When you want to be a champion. When you want something valuable, remember the difficulty factor is inevitable.

Sometimes everything is going perfect and then BAM---that one 'punch', that one failure, that one mistake, that one miscalculated step can leave some of us immobile. What do you do? Do you hang the 'gloves' up or do you get back into the 'gym' and regroup yourself?

The choice is ours. Motivational speaker Jonathan Sprinkles says "A setback is only a setup for a comeback."

If you've been knocked down or fell flat on your face....get back up. It's not over unless YOU say its over.

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  1. Great teaching Brother Jesse....SMH at this footage! Daaaaaaaang is absolutely right!

  2. I'm reminded of Min Farrakhan's words in his book Closing the Gap. He reminds us that during our darkest hour, lies our greatest opportunity for triumph. There can't be a new day until the night has passed.

  3. Great point...

    But there's also another way to view this.

    On "that" level of boxing, know of a surety, both of these guys are good. Therefore, you need to look at this as: proper preparation is the key to success.

    If you watch Martinez, he's analyzing Williams. He keeps slipping down and to the right. Williams sees him doing this and keeps responding. It was preparation all along for that perfectly timed hook.

    Lesson: prepare to win, and you will!

  4. Great post! It's amazing how there is a lesson to be learned in everything. We just have to be willing vessels! Thanks for sharing


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