Meeting more of my biological father’s family for the first time

(Uncle Larry, Me, Uncle Curly, and Aunt Marilyn)

It has been a very long time since I’ve written anything regarding how things are going with my newly found family.

I have many reasons but I honestly chose to stop writing about it and reflect more on how Allah (God) truly blessed me this year in finding my biological father’s family. My family. Our family.
I’m just soaking it all in these days.

In my last update, I shared some very intimate findings about my father and I have learned so much more since. I’m decoding some things about myself and understanding why I have certain traits that I did not get from my beautiful mother. I got them from my pops.

It all still feels very surreal and every time I think about it I feel like I’m ten years old adjusting to this new found joy.

So what’s been going on?

Not to share too much but my Uncle Larry is hilarious and talks noise to me when I don’t call. All in love. He has been sharing a lot of stories with me about my grandmother, grandfather and father.

Surprisingly, my Uncle Curly came home for good in September from working in Iraq instead of just being here for Thanksgiving. So I got a chance to meet him in person as well as my Aunt Marilyn when I returned home from my last speaking tour. I love’em!

I even went out to lunch with Uncle Curly once and attended a Houston Rockets game with him along with my two younger cousins Junior and Cameron. The Rockets lost but we had a great time. At that lunch, Uncle Curly shared with me so much about the history of the family. Also that day I showed him my father’s death certificate, which was the first time he’s ever seen it.

I have also met and talked to frequently my first cousin Mickey. My uncles warned me that she and I would get along perfectly and they were right. We talk for hours about so many things and she’s a traveler like me.
At the same time I am still in the process of writing my book about this entire adventure and both of my uncles are excited about its release. Writing a book is a lot of work! I have a friend and published author who is going to coach me on getting a book deal and getting proper representation.

I am extremely geeked about meeting more of the family during Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for the encouragement, well wishes, and prayers throughout this entire experience.
It’s not over---I also have a little sister to find. (smile)

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  1. Are you finding that meeting these folks is closing a loop (and perhaps opening a new door of family resemblance)? I am glad you're writing about your experience because there hasn't been much on the topic before. I join you in sharing the stories so that others like us have a place to talk, too. I recently wrote this article about my experience: http://mydnadad.com/2010/11/15/does-meeting-your-biological-father-close-the-loop/

  2. @Kim

    First, thank you so much for the comment and sharing your powerful article.

    For me this has been a little of both. It's opening my eyes to so much about my father's background that I did not know. Some would consider it bad but for me I'm looking deeper into the "Whys" of it all. I am blessed that i have been received with WIDE OPEN ARMS and have been given freedom to ask anything without feeling like I'm walking on egg shells.

    My Uncles, Aunt and cousins i have met thus far have made me feel right at home as if we've never missed a beat. Really! it's still a great adjustment... It's a great feeling and a blessing because I know this is not the outcome for everyone.

    I encourage everyone who desires to do this to go ahead but don't expect it all to be smooth sailing. I for one welcome the "new can of worms" because with this new found knowledge of self I'm now seeing where I get certain traits from.

    So I'm taking it all in and loving every moment.

    Thanks again and much success to you in your journey.

  3. I am truly moved and pray you continued happiness!

  4. Thank you for your very inspirational post.


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