The power of land ownership, farming and urban organic gardening.

In the book "Message to the Blackman in America", the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives an Economic Blueprint that has been carried forth by his National Representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In the section titled "A Sound Economic Plan I", Mr. Muhammad writes:
"The economical way to use the money you save is first to buy farm land and produce your own food. You can raise enough cattle, sheep, cows and chickens by the thousands if you try following our program. We could cut down on our clothing bills -- some of us by about 30 per center -- and yet be well-dressed. Again in this way we could build a national savings bank from deposits for ourselves, and invest our money in the purchase of necessary things for our nation. Then, you could cut down your present high cost of living.
Purchase real estate, buy farm and timberland. Convert the timber into lumber and build homes for yourselves as the white man is doing. Of course, he will have the authority over whether or not to sell the land to you. Get clay land. With marsh clay land and hill clay, you can make your own bricks. Bricks are inexpensive to make once you get your kiln built and tracks laid. The greatest expense would be coal or gas to fire your bricks. Build brick homes for your own people and sell them to your people at a very reasonable price."
Many of us have been guilty of getting wrapped up in filling our closets with the latest outfits and stacking debt just to keep up with "The Joneses" but own no land to call our own. Land ownership and growing our own food is even more critical now as we go into 2011.

Right now we're following the fight that Black farmers are engaged in to get the $1.5 billion settlement that is rightfully owed to them. The Senate just approved it, but we're still wondering how long will it take for them to receive it? What's the state of the Black farmers? You should Google it and read. A battle is going on.

Have you heard about the proposed Senate Bill S510 Food Safety Modernization Act that would outlaw gardening and saving seeds? Why in the world would the government want to ban us from developing gardens in our own backyards? Minister Farrakhan for years has pointed out the merchants of death who capitalize off the unhealthy lifestyles of the American people. Get his deeper analysis in the book "Torchlight for America". You can get a copy at http://store.finalcall.com

Within this past month I witnessed first hand two great examples of what we can do when we own land and invest our money, time and resources into doing something for self. I visited the 50-acre farmland owned by several brothers of Muhammad Mosque No. 45. The land is situated in Winnie, Texas. They have cows, chickens, horses, tractors, bees, a pond, a two story home that can house three families and more. They are producing and selling raw milk, butter, cheese, eggs, whey protein, and others things I can't think of. (smile)

I interviewed farm managers Victor X and Kelvin Muhammad. Through hard work and a collective effort, this is being done! Appreciation and many thanks goes to the following brothers for doing just that, Brother’s Danny, Isaiah, Sylvester, Jefferrey, Durce, Bryan Muhammad,Kenneth 3X, Dr. Akili X, Lester X, and Jeffery Rector. You can also support their other initiative called Resurrection Zone, wherein they employ young Black males to do for self.

Look for more about the farm in an upcoming edition of The Final Call newspaper. Here's a few more photos.

Secondly, Ray J. Muhammad is the manager of Muhammad's Organic Farm located on the property of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in the heart of Third Ward. Bro. Ray is growing and selling a lot of organic vegetables. He even showed us how to grow our own food out of plastic bottles at the SleepOut for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week.

Below you can watch a recent interview Bro. Ray did with Student Minister Robert Muhammad to share his insight on urban gardening.

Thank you to all of these brothers for being a great example!

Do you own farmland? Do you have a garden? What are your secrets? Please share your thoughts.

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