The Blogger Who Stole Christmas: Jesus is no match for Santa

I may be called the “Blogger Who Stole Christmas” for writing this one.

As a Muslim I do not observe Christmas especially after being taught that December 25 is not the true birthday of Jesus. But millions still believe it and others who know it is not true still celebrate it. I don’t understand why.

As I write this thousands of children are being lied to about Santa Clause and how he’s making global round trips to everyone’s home delivering presents through a chimney. Even children living in apartment complexes without chimneys are leaving cookies and milk out for “Old Saint Nick.” Why as parents are we still feeding this falsehood to our children?

We don’t see how we’re placing Santa in competition with Jesus in our homes.

The child is more interested in what Santa has to offer than knowing Jesus. Soon Jesus is no match for Santa and the child could care less about the so-called Son of God. The child doesn’t want to read the Bible on Christmas morning, they want to open their gifts, play with their new toys, and then go to school after New Year’s to show off their latest outfit. They are not discussing Jesus, their paying homage to the gift and the bearers of gifts.

In a lecture on the subject of Christmas, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, “Santa Claus has knocked Jesus out of the top spot and the merchants who don't even believe in Jesus are busy selling you foolishness, making themselves rich and you poor on the basis of a lie and that's why they call it X-mas, because you don't know who it is that you are worshipping.”

This statement is absolutely true.

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  1. Brother Jesse,

    I agree with you whole heartedly. Xmas marketing is full of greed. Another way to fool parents into spending every dime they have on presents once a year for there kids. Most of these parents are very poor but give away all their earnings to retailers who become rich. The real gift of the season is worshiping Jesus, Allah, or Buddha and other religions that people of the world worship. I am a Nicherin Buddhist studying, chanting, and practice is what I do everyday. My view of this world and Christmas being a holiday is different than most. I don't tell my children that Santa Claus is coming to our house. We give and receive love from wonderful friends and family. I buy my children what they need and give them a surprise for good behavior and positive school grades. We are not perfect but human. We are a family that prays together. Thank you for telling the truth.


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