Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 1 – Calories

by Ana María Serrano, Guest blogger

Pretend that each day I give you $15.00. You have the option to earn more money and you can spend this money any way you chose. I will even give you credit if you spend more than you have. But you must understand that the more you borrow, the bigger your debt gets.

Let’s also imagine there’s something you want to buy. The only catch is, you cannot use credit to get this item. Only surplus can be used to get this fantasy item. So how to you get it? Only two options; you spend less than you receive, OR you earn more money. This is basic money management.

Now let’s change that $15.00 to 1500 calories. Each day you can eat more than your allotted 1500 calories, but the more you eat, the bigger YOU get. Your dream item is now a weight loss of 5 pounds which equals 17,500 calories. Now, you must “SAVE” your calories or “EARN” more calories. Saving calories means that you eat less than your daily allotment of 1500 calories. Earning/burning calories means you exercise to earn the ability to eat those same 1500 calories but still have some to apply to your goal.

It really is simple math. Eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight.

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