Getting this book done is going to take dead-serious discipline and focus

Within the last month or so I started openly informing people that I am working on my first book.

It’s about the journey I embarked upon last year for my birthday (September 4) to find out who my biological father truly is. I did and found my uncles, aunt and cousins as well.

Since the Internet is constantly moving and I’m making new friends on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, I am sure there are many of you who do not know the full story. [Read story here]

The reason I kept quiet about writing the book is because I just wanted to stay somewhat underground with it and get it done. The same way I mentioned how I stopped blogging about the experience months ago for reasons I shared in this blog.

It’s been hard because so many people have been asking “What’s going on?” and “When is the book coming out?” I’ve learned sometimes it is best to stay quiet, nurse your idea, develop it, get it done and then broadcast.

A release in 2011, Allah (God) willing, is the objective pending what route I decide to go: self-publishing or publishing deal. I’m weighing my options under the supervision of some great published writers and close friends. One in particular is going to be a taskmaster for me as soon as I finish this manuscript. You know who you are! (smile)

I can’t tell you how excited my family is about the book. My dad’s family is elated and we had several discussions about it when we met for Thanksgiving. One of my Uncles said “Nephew, I’m a living legend.
You got a bestseller on your hands right here.” Too funny and I felt like a little boy listening to them all talk about my dad.

Of course my mom’s side is geeked. My older brother, mentor and friend Deric Muhammad will be writing the foreword. This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster but I promise you that your spirit will end on a high note once you get to the last chapter.

Writing a book takes discipline! No, dead-serious discipline. I recently interviewed former Source magazine Editor Dream Hampton about the release of the book she co-wrote with Jay-Z, “Decoded”. Among many questions I asked her how she meets deadlines.

“I deny myself the things I love. Like, I won’t allow myself to eat certain things or watch certain things I love until I get it done. I punish myself,” she said with a laugh. (Note: That full interview will be published on my blog next week)

It may sound extreme but she has a track record of getting things done and for this month of December I will be going into my own zone to finish this book.

Thanks Dream for the inspiration and for “Decoded”, a book that has moved me even more to tell and finish my story. That book is a MUST READ! I finished it in a few days.

Don’t worry, blogs will continue to be posted but will feature a lot of guests whom I respect, value and trust.

You ready for 2011? If not, you’re behind already.

Back to writing.

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  1. Congrats Brother Jesse!!! Can't wait!

  2. Jennifer Scott-WashingtonDecember 5, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    You're going to have a BESTSELLER as well! What a story!!!

  3. I love what you do Brother Jesse and your openness! Man, you're courageous.

    and you interviewed one of my idols, Dream Hampton. Can't wait to see that interview!

  4. I can't wait to get my copy Brother Jesse!....and i loved Decoded as well. Dream and Jay did that!

  5. LOL! You have four things in this blog that I love

    1) The movie "A Beautiful Mind"
    2) Your book release
    3) Dream Hampton
    4) Jay-Z

    Man, I need to get Decoded! I'm behind.

    Brenda from Detroit

  6. Write Jesse, Write! LOL!....We're proud of you brother. You're a shining Nation of Islam member and I pray Allah continues to bless you.

  7. Decoded is a masterpiece and I've been waiting on your review brother jesse????? (smile)

    And I have been following your father search since the beginning and I have cried the entire way. God is good.

    Put me ten copies to the side.


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