Kwanzaa Under Attack? Read The Crazy Comments On My Houston Chronicle Blog!

Yesterday, December 28, I posted a blog titled "The Universal Principles of Kwanzaa" on the Houston Chronicle's religious page Houston Belief. I was explaining the origin, practices and principles of Kwanzaa. It was a blog I would consider "harmless" compared to some of the others I've done in "The Upper Situation Room." 

Boy, I was wrong! The online staff at the Chronicle placed in on their home page and the comments haven't stopped coming in since. Not only is Kwanzaa being attacked but Dr. Maulana Karenga as a person. Usually I ignore foolishness but I responded to a few of the comments and so did some others. However, the majority of the comments are outrageous. Read them for yourself and if you would like to weigh in on the subject please leave a comment on that page. "Habari Gani?"

Click Here and Comment @ The Universal Principles of Kwanzaa

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