A New Year’s Resolution with Resolve

How do you bring in the New Year?

My mother firmly believed in us attending church on the night of New Year’s Eve. She desired to instill in my little brother and I that ushering in a New Year isn’t about confetti, champagne, parties or even the annual television special with the ball dropping on Times Square.

Rather she placed an emphasis on us thanking God for allowing us to make it through another year because millions did not—including some of our own family members. If we were blessed to have breath in our lungs when the clock struck midnight, she made us pause for prayer, praise and reflection.

Sure, like everyone, we cracked open the sparkling white grape juice and dined on some of her famous seven-up pound cake in celebration at our home. Yes, even in my household we grew up making verbal resolutions that we soon forgot about 30 or 60 days later. You’re not alone. (smile)

When you grow older in life you come to realize that it is not about making resolutions void of the resolve that is necessary to accomplish them. It’s no longer necessary just to say what you intend to do in front of your friends and family just to impress them. You’re no longer moved by mediocre intentions because you’ve realized that you should have mastered that one thing ten years ago but allowed laziness, procrastination, excuses or something else stop you from making it happen.

When you define the word “resolve” it means “To make a firm decision about; a determination; and firmness of purpose.” It is derived from the Latin word “resolvere” which means to “untie or loosen.”

Wow! So does this mean that if we don’t untie ourselves from what is holding us back we can’t move forward on our firm decisions?


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