Our Gorgeous Mother Makes the Cover of Hurt 2 Healing Magazine

Last night I was moved to tears as I read the exclusive one-on-one interview that our mother, Mavis Jackson, did with Ebony Muhammad of Hurt 2 Healing Magazine for the December edition. Our mother is delving deep into her past bout with addiction and domestic violence and how she overcame it ALL, by the Grace of God. This is a must read! Below is a snippet of the interview. To obtain your personal copy of this edition visit www.h2hmag.info.

Mavis Jackson (MJ)- I was introduced to crack cocaine by the man I was with. A lot of my drug use was the result of me being in a relationship with somebody that did it. Crack cocaine was with my last child’s father. He was a drug dealer. Before I met him and the other substances becoming a part of my life, I ran my uncle’s night club for four and a half years. So here I am in the center of the world that engages in substance use and alcohol. It was easy access.

Although alcohol was a part of the scene, I couldn’t drink a lot, because I was managing the club. I had to be aware of things going on. I kept late hours, I had to get up, and I had children to get to school. Hence, there came the pills. I had a pill to get some sleep then I’d take a pill to stay awake. There were a lot of factors involved in developing the addiction. However, each substance played a different role. There came a time in my life where I began to believe I needed it. I did this because of this, I did that because of that…And again, a lot of it had to do with the relationships I was in.

Ebony Muhammad (EM) – Were you using them simultaneously, or was it that you used one substance at a time during different periods of time?

MJ – There were different periods of time. Just one substance at a time.

EM – When did the crack cocaine become an issue? When did your family begin noticing something was going on?

MJ – My last child was born in 1982, I was in a relationship with his father who was a crack cocaine dealer and user. I met him when I was managing the night club. He was a hustler, gambler. When I would close up the club, I would go to the afterhour’s club with him. That’s what they did at the afterhour’s club. They did cocaine and they drank alcohol all night. While he was in the back room gambling, I was in the other room partying. You want to fit in, and that is the primary reason people end up doing drugs…to fit in and be a part of the group. Being a part of this group became important to me so I was engaging in the same behavior. It progressed. You see, the way drugs work is that you build up a tolerance. Therefore, the amount that you start off using, socially, gets to the point where you feel like you’re not getting that same feeling anymore. What I’ve learned as a counselor and going through an addiction is that you’re never going to get that feeling. People continue to use drugs, because they’re still chasing that first high. The truth is you’ll never get it again.

Congratulations Mama! Much love from your children Alicia, Edward, Deric, Jesse and Victor and all of your grandchildren.

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  1. Your post on Rihanna in the Crack House- It saddens me that you had to experience that as a child. But it is because of your experience that you are fully capable of addressing those concerns today with resolution. Thank you for speaking to those who have experienced abuse with the voice and words that can be understood. Praise be to God. - Fannie


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