Selected to Join the League of EXTRAordinary Black Men

We all have the ability to do the extraordinary even if we consider ourselves to be ordinary. In truth, the extraordinary man and woman is the ordinary man and woman, focused. It's a blessing to be able to do purposeful work and help others to do the same.

Recently, I was selected to become the newest member of the League of EXTRAordinary Black Men. This league was founded by Chief Visionary Officer Brandon Frame, whom I met via Twitter. Brandon Frame founded this organization with the thought in mind that young black males need to have positive images in their lives.

Brandon believes that theblackmancan.org can be a vehicle that will be a driving force in uplifting, empowering and inspiring not only black males, but also the black community that A Black Man Can! I thank Brandon for this honor and I say All Praise is Due To Allah (God).

I sat down with TheBlackManCan news for my new member feature. Here is a snippet. Click the link to read the entire interview.

The Black Man Can: Jesse, you are a highly sought after motivational speaker. When did you realize you had a talent to inspire people through your words?

JM: It may surprise some, but I grew up pretty quiet and shy about speaking in public except of course when I was around friends and family. My mother would force me to sing an Easter program solo every year in church. My grandmother would always get me to say something in church but I didn’t like it. I would be sweating bullets.

I would say my breakthrough as a speaker came when I came in contact with the Nation of Islam in high school. Once I started filling my head with that knowledge I became armed with something I wanted to tell everyone within my sphere of existence. Soon I became an eager speaker in high school always ready to be the lead representative on team projects. It continued during my years at Prairie View A&M University as I started emceeing and hosting multiple functions on the yard. My training came from studying the delivery of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and others. I joined the NOI Ministry Class wherein I learned the mechanics of delivering a message, the art of preparation, the science of connecting with your audience and most importantly having the proper motive.

The Black Man Can: Your work in the community dates back to your attendance as a student at Prairie View A & M University where you were known for starting initiatives aimed at helping others. What sparked the mindset to do such work?

JM: My sense of getting involved in my community can be traced back to my elementary days when I was being raised by my grandmother for a few years. That 80-plus year old woman, Myrtle J. Ross, was so actively involved in so much in Houston and nationally. She was always flying to various conferences, and dragging me to what I considered boring neighborhood meetings. She kept my siblings, cousins and I connected to the political arena and deprived us of Saturday morning cartoons by showing us door-to-door campaigning, poll watching and activism on multiple levels. I hated it then, but I appreciate it now. With that instilled in me coupled with being a member of the NOI, community involvement has become first nature. I believe my purpose is to use all of my blessed gifts, talents and resources to serve others. In serving, we’re always the winner because we get back tenfold what we put out.

The Black Man Can: Who have been instrumental mentors in your life?

JM: There’s so many to name! It’s interesting that you should ask this because this past year I started making it a habit of telling people “Thank you for helping me become the man that I am and becoming.” Gratitude is the highest attitude. I believe I would be doing an injustice by just naming a few and will just say I’ve been blessed to have so many people help to shape me up until this point. They know who they are! Most importantly, All Praise is Due to Allah.

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