Take Some Time Off, But Get Some Things Done Now

The time between now and the new year most people go into super chill mode.

We're shopping, upwrapping gifts, sipping egg nog, celebrating the end of another school semester, watching holiday football games, kicking it on a beach to escape the winter weather or just catching up with family.

Some people see it as a much needed vacation time after putting in a strong year of work. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking some time off to recoup. Recharge yourself!

But some people can afford to coast at this moment and others can't. The new year is upon us and if we haven't prepared by now, we're far behind. Take this time to assess, strategize and get focused.

Did you create a vision board? Don't sleep this time away. You may pay for it come December 2011.

You know what you need to do.

Get after it now.

Above Photo Credit: Shay Malden Flickr

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