Ten Tips: The Best Leaders Are The Best Servants

It has been stated that the best leaders are the best servants.

Whether you are the head of a corporation or a community organization, it's all about service.

How do you measure up as a leader?

Here are a few tips:

Leadership Tip#1: Community service is not showing up for the cameras....but for the people.

Leadership Tip#2: You can't be effective being intimidated by talented people around you.

Leadership Tip#3: Stop E.G.O. trippin....Excessively Getting Offended

Leadership Tip#4: Don't confuse delegating with duty dodging. Be the example.

Leadership Tip#5: Be a catalyst not a catastrophe for your team.

Leadership Tip#6: Your lip service should not outweigh your actions.

Leadership Tip#7: Have solution-oriented meetings not boring self-boasting sessions.

Leadership Tip#8: Follow up on tasks given to people...start with yourself

Leadership Tip#9: Stay in the mode of a student daily to become a better leader. Soak up information!

Leadership Tip#10: Remember humility is not weakness but hidden power

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