Wiz Khalifa song sparks controversy. Jasiri X weighs in with "The Real Huey Newton"

How much do you know think our young people truly know about Huey P. Newton?

One of my favorite Hip Hop artists, Jasiri X, sent me the latest video he put out in response to the recent controversy over a song by rappers Wiz Khalifa and Currensy. The duo put out a song titled "Huey Newton" that contains lyrics that do not have anything to do with the legacy and life of the Black Panther leader. It has the hip hop world, activists and thinkers scratching their heads and upset. Maybe we need to "Decode" the song and find the hidden connection.....you be the judge.

Here is the song by Wiz Khalifa "Huey Newton" featuring Currensy

Truth Minista Paul Scott of the Militant Mind Militia immeditaly went in on Wiz Kahifa and Currensy over the song "Huey Newton." He released this video. Was he correct in his analysis?

Jasiri wanted to look deeper into this and said:

"I saw the controversy over the Wiz Khalifa and Currensy song called Huey Newton, including the video response by Paul Scott of the Militant Mind Militia, and being that I know both Wiz and Paul I thought I should weigh in. I certainly understand why the conscious community would be upset with Wiz and Currensy considering the subject matter of the song, but I just wanted to offer some perspective. I grew up in a very conscious household, however in my early 20s, I dropped out of college and spent most of my days smoking weed, writing rhymes and hustling to support my habit. I figured I was gonna be an MC so I was gonna have as much fun as I could on the way to the top. Eventually, that lifestyle got old and by the grace of God I regained my conscious mind and began trying to use my talents and gifts to uplift humanity. Wiz grew up around conscious people and he's one of the most mature young men I've ever met. Where he is now...experiencing the tremendous highs of living his dream...does not mean he's going to stop growing as a person. I don't know Currensy, but I did find it interesting that Huey Newton was born in his home state of Louisiana. I don't think Paul Scott was wrong in expressing how he felt and his frustration with the state of Hip-Hop. Knowing Paul, I know he spoke out of sincere love for his people and a desire to see us do better. But, I felt like instead of creating more division, I could use this as a teachable moment, so I grabbed the instrumental and did what I do. Paradise recorded the session at James Webb Studios, we added a interview Huey Newton did with William Buckley plus one of his speeches and pieced together the video we called "The Real Huey Newton." 

Watch below.


  1. "lt like instead of creating more division, I could use this as a teachable moment..."

    'nuff said!

    blessings to you, Brother Jesse, and to Bro. Jasiri X. i appreciate and respect Jasiri for seeing teachable moments. this is what our young brothas need today - compassion, not more scolding or condemnation - especially from us and especially from those that can enlighten from their own experiences. this is what Bro. Jasiri did. he is coming from a position of understanding. he has imparted his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from his experience as a young man, talented and laden with the gift of voice to transform and use his gift of voice to channel messages to challenge the minds of the masses. who is to say that these young men won't transform either? who is to say they really do not see the historical impact of Huey? maybe they do know and chose a title to get folks to listen. or like you said, maybe there are hidden messages. i could not decipher and i listened intently. okay...i listened to 3/4's of it (lol). there was only so much i could try to muddle through to find a redeeming message. but does this speak to my disengagement from the youth and their language, or does this speak to our youth not KNOWING or even caring about historical legacies and how we MUST regard them when we mention their names? in either case, Bro. Jasiri hit it on the head when he saw an opportunity to enlighten all of us about his life and a little background about Wiz Khalifa. until you know a person, you cannot judge. yes, the hip-hop world and music has suffered damaging blows. and yes, there are many of us who hold on to the old-school powerful messages of Public Enemy, KRS-One, and Queen Latifah. but today is a new day, but teaching and learning is infinite. so if anything, this post helps me to keep things in perspective when i get frustrated by the seemingly lack of respect our young people have for our history and the people who lived through some turbulent American times. that is when we rise up above their immaturity and give jewels of wisdom. i'm not saying we excuse or reward ignorance, but it is a gauge of where we are in our reaching our youth. i share Truth Minista Paul Scott's frustration and anger. but who are we really angry with? two young men cannot bear the burden of an entire industry gone awry.

    we must always check our own motives...

    so from this controversy may come enlightenment for the young brothers as they continue their journey to Kings. we all start somewhere. but without a team - a village of supporters and guides, they will stay suspended in ignorance. there is no fault for not knowing. but once the truth is known, there is no excuse.



  2. Peace, "When you see ignorance that's a teachable moment" (Minister Farrakhan). I believe it's our (adults/parents) fault youth (13-30) don't know anything or very little about our history. Minista Paul seems very angry, unhappy and bitter. If we want to attract and teach the youth, we must be careful not to be so critical that we run them away from us. Wiz is only 23! My question would be how old is his mother, father and grandparents?

    The other thing to note is that his stage name is Khalifa or "successor". Even if he's "ignorant", he was wise enough to see value in that name.

    Lastly, I caution Minista Paul about accusing people of being apart of COINTELPRO. Because he could be accused of being apart of it too. Instead of his response being informative and uplifting it turned into a diatribe. If I was a teenager, I would have been more attracted to Wiz because he seems like he's having fun and enjoying life. Minista Paul seems angry and frustrated and very very unhappy. Truth should be fun and inviting.

    I understand your passion Minista Paul, but you must learned to use your energy to "attract" instead of "attack" our people.

  3. Maybe Brother Wiz is rapping about everybody that has these habits and weapons in their homes are seen as Huey Newton by the government.

    C. Muhammad

  4. Thank you so much for the videos, controversy and dialog on this page. I cannot claim to know what wiz and currensy were trying to communicate in their song, but maybe they are trying to highlight the contradictions Huey (and the party), struggled with. Maybe they want to move beyond romanticizing and uncover all of the truth, so that the average brotha in the hood can relate. Were their drugs and exploitation of women in the party, at times? The former party members that I've spoken to will say yes they struggled with these things.
    The song says "how they gonna talk about me when I'm gone" (or something like that), maybe they feel like all the 'hype" about who Huey was is not truthful unless we discuss some of his poor choices too. Make him more human, more like the brothas they know, so they can see a little Huey in them. This could definitely be wishful thinking on my part and I could be reading way too much into it, but I know that I work with young people everyday and I know when we talk about historical change makers we do our best to uncover all of who they are so that we can relate to them. Consciousness is wonderful but speaking whole truth is crucial. Huey WAS A GREAT YOUNG MAN. He lifted an already amazing movement to unimaginabl,e and to date, unduplicatable heights, But young man he was. If he had reached his perfection he would not have been of this world. I know and applaud Min. Scott for continuing to hold us accountable in the way he does. We need to be called out you know sometimes ya mama was gentle with you, but most times she was hard, and we got it. I hope that young people will listen and get his frustration too. He's not bitter, he is a man who loves Black people so much that it hurts.
    I also applaud brotha Jasiri for taking both videos and remixing em into something new, cause thats also what we do.
    Lets keep it up!


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