AllHipHop.com and The League of Young Voters present “State of the Union 2011: Roadmap to Progress”

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It has been two years since the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama and tomorrow (Jan. 25) will be a critical State of the Union Address. A lot is going on in the country.

To mark this historic moment,  AllHipHop.com and The League of Young Voters Education Fund (LYVEF) teaming up to host the “State of the Union 2011: Roadmap to Progress” panel and forum on January 25 at The New Organizing Institute in the nation's capital. According to AllHipHop.com, the event’s subtheme, “Helping to Plot Your Course,” is focused on the Hip-Hop generation’s personal obligation to understand and participate in the American political process.

“The goal here is to help contextualize Obama’s State of the Union address through a youth perspective,” says Robert “Biko” Baker, Executive Director of LYVEF, told AllHipHop.com. “We want to give our generation a greater understanding of how Obama’s address will affect their families and neighborhoods in the years to come.”

"Youth and the Hip-Hop generation are going to have to continue to stay engaged in politics. When Obama was elected, we were motivated, but the follow-through waned because many thought a magic wand would make issues disappear,” says AllHipHop.com CEO Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. “But AllHipHop and LYVEF and others are taking this on in the political arena as well as the community. It’s the only way to have a voice that influences people and policy," Creekmur adds.

Using the Twitter hashtag #BarackTalk, "State of the Union: Roadmap to Progress" #BarackTalk will be broadcasted live on Ustream and a video recap of the event will be distributed across the Internet by Cashmere Agency. #BarackTalk will begin promptly at 8:15 PM EST with a provocative discussion about culture and politics until the President starts his speech around 9:00. During the President’s speech there will be a nationwide Tweet and Facebook frenzy! After the speech panelists will continue the discussion. (Official flyer below)

"I’m truly excited to participate in this first of it’s kind event and begin a discussion that hopefully will lead to the mobilization of the Hip-Hop nation, and young people all over this country, in order to improve the conditions of our communities and America as a whole," said Jasiri X of OneHood.

Along with Baker, Creekmur, and Jasiri, confirmed panelists include Matt Singer (Bus Federation), Chloe Hilliard (Vibe), Jycorri Robinson (Def Jam), DJ Vlad (VladTv.com), Paradise (OneHood/X-Clan), Angela People (Campus Progress), Julian Mocine-McQueen (Green for All), Christina Hollenback (Generation Alliance), Carey Jenkins (The League), Ryan Ford (Cashmere Agency), Dee 1 (Artist), and Maegan Carberry (Rock the Vote).

For more information on the "State of the Union: Road to Progress" and all details surrounding the President’s address, please visit 99Problems.org, YoungVoterLive.com and AllHipHop.com.

Let's BE the change and accept responsibility to play our role!

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  1. all democratically aligned people and orgs, all non profits except for allhiphop, they would never invite me, or dr jared ball or anyone outside of the DEM PARTY, this is why our youth are illiterate on politics, organizing, voting, its called political science and a system for a reason,

    Rosa Clemente
    2008 Green Party VP Candidate


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