Honored to be featured in Rolling Out Magazine: “We all gotta just keep fighting”

I have been an avid reader of Rolling Out for several years. In particular, I have been a great supporter of Regional Manager Kim Floyd and her efforts in the Houston area.

I recently went one-on-one with project manager Alex Green about various ventures I have embarked upon as it relates to community service.

She was particularly interested in the 20-plus city Community Resistance Tour I embarked upon in the Fall with my friend and comrade Jordan Flaherty along with women prisoner rights advocate Victoria Law.

I saw the interview online last week but I had no idea it would make the print edition. I was informed by Kim that it was featured in the January 20, 2011 edition distributed in Houston and Dallas. Singer Chrisette Michele is on the cover and I’m featured in the “Community Action” section.

Click the image below to see it!

Here is a snippet and you can read the entire interview on the link below. Thank you Rolling Out!

Rolling Out: What was the most memorable moment for you on the tour?

Brother Jesse Muhammad: Each city had its memorable moments. … In Knoxville, Tenn., we had a chance to stay [at] the Highlander Research and Education Center [the area where civil rights activists were trained]. To stay in a place where Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King and so many others were taught to fight and march, and stand up for our people was amazing. The other memorable moment was when we realized how many people who follow us on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks [had] come out to hear us speak. … It was truly rewarding.

>>>Click here to read the full interview:"Award Winning Blogger Brother Jesse Muhammad Wants to Unite Urban Community"

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