Interview with entrepreneur Crystal Washington Martin, Part 2: "I eat fear for breakfast every single day"

(Blogger's Note: This is Part 2 of my interview with Houston's Crystal Washington Martin, who teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage image marketing and business networking to supercharge business growth. She shares more about her trip to Ghana, marketing strategies, social media tactics and how she overcomes fear. If you missed Part 1 Click Here)

Crystal Washington Martin (CM): My hosts were explaining to me that the same ship that brought the bible brought alcohol and they said that many of our ancestors were sold for liquor. Because they didn’t have it there at the time. And so they didn’t know what it was. They thought it was some type of strong spirit, which interestingly enough is what it is referred to. And so they literally turned some of these people into alcoholics so it wasn’t what we’re taught in western education, that we always were in tribes and one tried to capture the other and sells them in there. There were folks that were selling their children. Of course they had no real concept of chattel slavery where it is generational. They didn’t have that going on there. So the sad thing is they were being made into alcoholics and they didn’t even understand what they were doing. So many of them were sold for alcohol and some of them were sold for guns. Because they had all the precious metals. They had the gold. Ghana has tons of gold. They had diamonds in the countries surrounding Ghana. They had all of the wealth there.

Brother Jesse Muhammad (BJ): When you are dealing with your clients what are some of the main things that you ask them in order to set a strategic plan for them? And what are some of the greatest misunderstandings about marketing?

CM: I would say that their biggest misunderstanding is the whole idea of if you build it they will come. If you build it and they don’t know about it or if you build it and you don’ t have relationships, nobody’s coming. I hate to tell you (lol). So marketing is not a magic wand. Marketing is just about having strategy in place.

Now the things that I ask my clients are first off, what are your goals? And when I say goal, that already creates some confusion because people might have a goal of having more website traffic or they might have a goal of having more clients. What they don’t understand is they are not goals because they are not numerical. If you can’t put a number and timeline on it--you know 300 extra unique visitors at the end of the month from Facebook; that’s a goal. And so I make sure that people have a goal in place. And then I make sure we have an understanding of target market. Because most people do not know what a target market is.

And you can have more than one target market, but you need to break it down in a way that it’s specific enough where once you’re looking at it, then you can say, okay these are the very specific people I am looking for. And then once they’re specific, then we can set down a strategy for actually getting to that target market. Whether it is online or offline. The same rules apply.

BJ: I had a recent interview with a phenomenal musician, singer Avery Sunshine. She has this saying that she says “what everybody should be looking for and doing is walking in their calling.” Do you think Crystal Washington Martin is walking in her calling?

CM: Oh I know that I am! I know that I am. And I know that I am because when you’re walking in your calling you’re consistently growing. And when you’re consistently growing and constantly having to get over yourself, because really our only obstacle in life is ourselves. It’s not haters, it’s not government grants, it is us. Because once you get in alignment you start to make differences.

One of my sayings, and this is 100% Crystal Washington, is that I eat fear for breakfast every single day. I do something daily that scares the mess out of me. Because when you’re growing, you might be too timid to call someone, you might be afraid of how this is going to look even though you feel led to do it. But if you’re growing, you have to eat that fear.

I’ve always had this whacky thing going on Brother Jesse. I will get on anybody’s rollercoaster, even as a kid. Now the funny thing is people are asking me, “You gonna get on that? Why would you get on that; that is crazy!” So I always would get on the rollercoaster. I’d be strapped in, it would start, and you know how rollercoasters start, then you hit that peak and you start to fall? Every time I would hit that peak I would freak out. Every time it would never fail, but it’s too late to get off the ride now. And that’s how I conduct my business. If there’s something I’m afraid of but I know I’m supposed to be doing it or I have a desire to do it, I’m going to go far enough where I can’t get myself out. And at that point it forces you to move forward. And so yes I eat fear for breakfast everyday and I think people who walk in their purpose do that too.

BJ: That’s right! You said “I eat fear for breakfast every day.” That’s my new mantra. Any last things that you want to share?

CM: You know the only other thing I want to say is that I want to thank you for what you do. Because every time I look at what you’re doing, you’re exposing truth, you’re expounding truth, you’re furthering truth. And we live in a society and a world that’s afraid of truth. When you go outside of this country, and I’ve done it a few times now but of course Ghana was the first time in Africa. It makes you realize, like now that I’m back in the U.S., I feel like I’m dreaming. I understand how unreal most of what we see is, and how much illusion is there. And so I just want to thank you for being sooo dedicated to truth and justice and everything that you do. And I feel so blessed to know you. So I just want you to know that.

BJ: Thank you so much. Praise Be to God. I’m always looking online to see what you’re doing. I appreciate all that you do as well and I will forever support whatever it is that you are doing. I’m so happy to of had this time to speak with you.

CM: Thank you, Brother Jesse.

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