Minister Farrakhan's Ability to See the Bigger Picture and Make Sound Decisions

by Willie Muhammad

Part 3 of 9

The big picture is defined as a broad, overall view or perspective of an issue or problem. The definition does not fully convey the idea I am trying to express, but I will use it as a spring to talk about the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan’s ability to make decisions based upon that view.

A scriptural example of what I am trying to point out can be found in the action of the Wise man in a story mentioned in the Holy Quran chapter 18 titled, “Moses Search for Knowledge.” Moses asks to be a student of a Wise man. During the journey the Wise man makes decisions based upon his broad perspective (the bigger picture) that was unknown to Moses. Due to Moses not being aware of the “bigger picture” that influenced the decisions of the Wise man Moses became judgmental.

My purpose is not to talk about the misjudgments of others as it relates to the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, but instead his keen insight that allows him to make decisions or rulings that are right and exact. Those who follow these decisions benefit greatly, just like those who followed Moses and Aaron through the Red Sea (which symbolizes mayhem and chaos), not being affected at all. This is an ability needed by anyone in leadership. Limited understanding and knowledge of a situation impacts the quality of the decision one takes as a course of action, which can negatively impact those he or she has been sent to lead.

Many of us sat in front of movie screens watching Colors, Boyz N the Hood, Menace II Society and New Jack City. After watching them we held endless discussions, debates at school, barbershops, salons, street corners. Very few of us saw what the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan was guided to see. The Minister saw the hand of Satan at work (Rev. 13:18). He saw that these movies were being used as an effort to further perpetuate an image of Black males and the Black community that would justify our mass slaughter and water the seed of self hatred.

After seeing this wicked plot the Minister went to work touring this country spreading the message of, “Stop the Killing.” This effort eventually culminated into the Historic Million Man March which gave the WORLD a different image of Black men. The Minister’s ability to see the bigger picture did not stop there. Being aware of what the scriptures foretold concerning the Historic Million Man March (John 11), the Minister then embarked on a World Friendship Tour, despite the criticism of those who did not have the ability to see the bigger picture. He traveled to numerous countries establishing friendships that would greatly benefit Blacks and the Nation at that time and at a time to come. There are so many examples that can be highlighted in this blog, but space is limited. This next example is not widely known, hopefully after this it will be.

Prior to Katrina, Bro. Capt. Dennis Muhammad offered his services to the New Orleans Police as an effort to help reduce tension between them and the community. The chief at that time contracted Bro. Dennis to do so. Well due to the influence of a rabbi, the contract was rescinded. Bro. Dennis Muhammad considered taking legal action on the basis of religious discrimination. Before doing so he sought the counsel of the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. The Minister told him that there were those, “…who would love to see us at odds with a black administration,” stated Bro. Dennis. “He suggested to me to call a press conference and take the high road. He said there would be a feeding frenzy amongst the media because they love anything that puts us at odds with our own. The Minister went on to say that if I sued them, I would never be able to train any other police and would not get other contracts. He said that I would be respected if I took the high road. The Minister asked me to consider his followers in the city who would be left there to deal with the police. He said that if I took the high road that not only would the NOPD one day call me back but that I would get other contracts as well. I received another contract while in Detroit and had discussions about returning to New Orleans to do the training. He went on to say that if the cries of the people were not addressed the city of New Orleans would one day be in a state of anarchy. He quoted Matt. 10:1-15. This was July of 2005. A month or so later the world watched the city of New Orleans fall into a state of anarchy after the greatest natural disaster to ever hit America,” concluded Bro. Dennis.

“Your companion errs not, nor does he deviate. Nor does he speak out of desire. It is naught but revelation that is revealed — One Mighty in Power has taught him. The Lord of Strength.” Sura 53: 2-6

(Willie Muhammad serves as the Student Minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 46 in New Orleans. Visit their website @ www.noineworleans.org)

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  1. Awesome....I look forward to reading the entries to this series.

  2. It is sad to see the administration give in to the will of those who gain the most from the confusion in our community. Imagine the good that would have come from this contract. The ramifications are still manifesting with the increased black-on-black crime we see in New Orleans on a daily basis.

    It would be nice to see another contract like this today.

  3. Thank you all for the comments. Brother Willie Muhammad is doing an excellent job in writing this series.

    And I agree, this contract could have turned New Orleans around in so many ways, had they not blocked Brother Dennis' services.

  4. Peace...thanks to Brother J and this blog. Why it isnt in the FCN? This series is good for public and believers of NOI. This is a proactive effort. Do we have to wait until the Minister is dissed?

    If it were not for this blog we would not have access to it. Thanks J...What's next in the series? I wonder if the Minister knows about these articles?


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