New Charges of Georgia inmate beatings prompt calls for more access

Ever since thousands of inmates in several prisons across the State of Georgia staged a peaceful strike to raise awareness about and forge a change in their inhumane living conditions and treatment behind bars, they have been retaliated against, according to a coalition that formed to support them in their quest for better treatment, access to loved ones, proper nutrition, and healthcare, among many other things.

During one of their visits, a fact-finding mission comprised of the Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners' Rights found that the inmates were fed bologna sandwiches for several days straight, and some of them were beaten, put in isolation cells, and many were transferred to undisclosed locations. The Coalition is reporting that there are more abuses and new charges of beatings, and they will appeal to state and prison officials for more access to the inmates.

The Coalition is scheduled to hold a press conference outlining their request in Georgia, tomorrow (January 6).

Here's is the full press release, which I received moments ago: http://charlene.blogs.finalcall.com/2011/01/new-charges-of-georgia-inmate-beatings.html

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