Thoughts On Inspiration, Desire and True Love

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. One of the greatest joys of life is the power of the creative mind.

This is the ability of the human being to envision, eat, sleep and drink an idea and then go to work to make it concrete reality. That's inspiration! And when that idea serves, enlightens and elevates others that is even more powerful.

Inspiration comes from bringing ideas into fruition and using what you have been blessed with to serve others everyday starting with your family and beyond. Life feeds death and death feeds life. When we take the time to give a good word or perform a good deed for someone who is down (dead in energy) then it feeds us when they are elevated. They can do the same for us when we go through difficulties. It is like a covalent bond--the sharing of atoms.

What was the last meal you ate today? Was it fast food or something of substance? Liken unto that, the food that our Will must feed off of is desire.

Our Will sometimes can look like unexercised muscles that no longer react swiftly to the commands of our brain cells. Likewise, without desire our Will becomes broken, dysfunctional and we become uninspired. How hungry are you right now?


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