Are you living in the moment or is the moment living you?

By Traci Cushmeer

Is your life happening in the now? Are you living in the moment or is the moment living you? It is a true tragedy to live life in neutral. To live life as a bystander and not as an active participant. In reality, it should be counted as the greatest of all failures, the failure to live. Ultimately, it is this failure to live life that brings about despair, confusion, and self-doubt.

All too often we put our life on hold in order to avoid the ramifications of living in full bloom, out loud and in full view of the world. To have light and hide it under a “bushel basket” is to have the gift of life and literally throw it back at God, unused and unexplored. It is to be ungrateful in the deepest sense of the word. If you believe that you are a person of mission; of purpose; of destiny; then how can you abdicate your rights to your life on the throne of fear and discouragement?

When we allow the “what if’s” to crash in on us and create doubt in our spirits it leads to a disquieted, uneasy spirit which manifests deep-seated self-inhibiting fears in areas where only courage and boldness should exist. Just because someone doesn’t understand your dream, doesn’t mean that the dream you have for your life is wrong–it just means they didn’t get it and that is not your fault.

Until we have the courage to embrace the greatness of self, we will not be as great as we could be and misery will dominate all areas of our life. To be free is to be in love and in alignment with what it is that we were born to do. To live the gifting and graces of God contained within your soul is to be liberated to be yourself.

What dreams we put down and years we waste trying to make others understand what they are not capable of understanding. Resolve today to make a commitment to yourself to be yourself and in so doing know what it means to really live.

If you were without fear, without limitation, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you love? When the story of your life is written it should not include “but”…”She/He would have been great but”….”I would have done this and that but…”

While it is difficult sometimes to sort through the mind “chatter” and the daily responsibilities of life to hear the voice within speak a word of encouragement and direction, the reality is that you will not know what you were called to do or capable of doing, until you ask the one who ordained your existence a very simple and direct question: How can I serve you? To ask this question is to submit your will to do His will and by doing so you acknowledge that your purpose is to serve. To resist the temptation to be niggardly with your gifts skills and talents. To be as the great scholar, Maulana Karenga once stated, “A ladder to the soul trapped in the pit of despair.”


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