Hurt2Healing and Virtue Today: Two Magazines I Love and Highly Recommend

You know I love to push positive content and these are two of my favorite magazines that I'm always reading. Have you heard of Hurt2Healing Magazine and Virtue Today Magazine?

Hurt2Healing Magazine is an digital magazine (D-Zine), published by Ebony S. Muhammad, who is also a Certified Thanatologist. Its origins stem from the march and rally against domestic violence and sexual assault that took place July 2006 during the Essence Festival in Houston, Texas. According to the website, "This is not just a magazine, but a campaign to move the masses from hurt to healing. In the same spirit of the fight against breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, violence and drugs, we must also fight against the results that all of the above ignite...pain void of resolution. This is a liberating tool; in which both readers and writers describe as personally therapeutic and a method to motivate millions. This method is geared towards a favorable image that stimulates the desire for change in others."

I recently got a copy of the February 2011 edition, which features two covers. On one cover is Student Minister Nuri Muhammad and the other one is highlights Sister Betty Muhammad. Two great exclusive one-on-one interviews. Other article titles include "Breaking the Barriers of Sexism In Religion", "Did Jesus Really Die For Our Sins?", "Scripture's Analysis of Black Suffering In U.S. Judicial System", "Come As You Are", and "The Power of Your Presence." One of my favorites is the article "It's Not A Game: Who Has Control Over Your Mind?" written by Sister Ebony. To get a copy of this edition and get a subscription, visit at www.h2hmag.info.

Virtue Today Magazine is published by Audrey Muhammad, who is also an educator and fitness consultant. According to the official website "Virtue is described as “moral excellence, goodness; righteousness. It is conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude”. However, the part we may have problems with as women is the willingness to conform or change our life so that we are always displaying and conducting ourselves in a righteous manner. This magazine is designed to be our support on that uphill struggle to be upright. As always, let us look at the scriptures to get a spiritual definition."

Here's a sneak VIPeek at the New Spring 2011 Virtue available at www.virtuemag.com. This issue features on the cover, a great granddaughter of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who refuses to compromise and promote this world's vision of beauty. In her commentary, she states, "I refuse to conform to a regime that compromises the consecrated purpose of humanity." Words of wisdom from a young woman in her 20's (Deep!).

Articles that are featured include: "How to rebuild the Family by Min. Farrakhan", "Ten things you should tell your daughter", "How to be a "modest model"", and a Fabulous Fashion layout with a New York Flavor and much much more! You buy a couple and give it to your mother, cousins, sisters or aunts. They will love you for it!

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  1. ASA Brother Jesse,

    All Praise Is Due To Allah! What a honor to be side by side with my sister Audrey and Virtue Today Magazine AND to be featured on your blog!!! Thank you so much for your unwavering love and support! I can't wait to get my copy of the new Virtue Magazine!!!

    May Allah Continue to Bless Us All In Our Efforts to Uplift and Awaken the Entire World!!!!

    Peace & Blessings,
    Sister Ebony


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