Jasiri X Featuring M-1 of Dead Prez "We All Shall Be Free" [Video]

"The Revolution you're watching on your computer you'll soon be watching through your window" -Amir Sulaiman

If you follow my blog, you know Jasiri X has been highlighted on this site more than anyone else except Minister Farrakhan--especially music artists. This morning I received in my inbox another revolutionary banger from him--this time featuring M1 of Dead Prez. The titled of the song is "We All Shall Be Free" produced by Drum Gang Productions.

"Revolution's not an act it's an actual fact/an idea that burns until it turns blacker than black/the truth bearer new era like the back of ya hat/the true terror who'll scare ya without packing a gat," spits Jasiri X in his verse.

"It's a simple math equation it's scientific OK/you put the power in the hands of the people its liberation/and even if you take it away its multiplication/repression breeds resistance and this is our situation," rhymes M1.

Check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu7eQyasgw0

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  1. This is POWERFUL!!!! I can't wait to get the new album!!! Thanx for the share!


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