Meet Sister Ebonee: A Righteous Hollywood Star In The Making

I love to support youth. Do you?

I recently received a very inspiring phone call from a young sister. She reached out to ask me if I would help her with an endeavor she's pursuing in the field of acting.

When she was talking to me I could tell she was slightly nervous and may have been reading a script to me but she made me smile as I listened to her.

Her name is Sis. Ebonee Jenkins and she is the daughter of Nation of Islam members Bro. Terry & Sis. Shameka X of Shaw, Mississippi.

Sis. Ebonee is also a member of of 5X, a rap and spoken word group, that consist of her two brothers and two sisters. This year she will be starring in her first movie "Johnathan Jones the Manny" by Tyler Maddox Simms. Tyler Maddox Simms also wrote and directed the film "Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed."

The other day Sis. Ebonee's mother told me that she received part of the script for the movie and is awaiting the call to head West for the shooting of the film. According to her mother, her daughter is the first young NOI sister that she knows of that will appear in a major movie.

She is also currently aiming for a role in an upcoming movie about the life of "Freeway" Ricky Ross. “Freeway” Ricky Ross has teamed with Emmy Award winning actor and writer Nick Cassavetes, who will help produce and write a screenplay based on Ross’ life. Ross and Cassavetes are working in conjunction with the Geno Taylor and Apocalypto Films to write and produce the screenplay. The untitled, autobiographical film will reveal the truth about his Los Angeles upbringing, his struggle to become financially literate, his time behind bars and his journey to becoming educated.

Contestants must invite at least five hundred (500) or more people to sign-up at www.freewayenterprise.com and invite them as their friends. Sis. Ebonee humbly asked if I would post this on my blog and encourage anyone to sign-up at the site to become her friend in hopes that she can pull off a victory and win the role. Plus she could win $50,000. I said "YES!"

To support her, please sign-up on "Freeway" Ricky Ross' site and invite her as your friend. The person with the most popularity will win and the winner will be announced at the deadline of April 2011. Let me warn you, that "Freeway" Ricky Ross' site has some "alarming images" on it, so navigate through it and support Ebonee Jenkins! (smile) I'm cheering for her.

I signed up for an account and I invite you to do the same. Go to: www.freewayenterprise.com  and become a friend of Ebonee Jenkins today.

Often times we only talk about young people when they are doing something wrong, well here's an opportunity to spread some positive news. May Allah (God) continue to bless you Sis. Ebonee aka A Righteous Hollywood Star in the Making!


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