A Muslim Perspective on God, Love and Duty

It's not necessary for me to go into a 'million and one' reasons why as Muslim members of the Nation of Islam, we do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Research its origin for yourself and you may find, like we did, that it has nothing to do with the expression of true love. You can also watch this small clip of the video "The Origin of Valentine's Day" by Brother Abdul Muhammad of Chicago.

However, I wanted to share our perspective on this thing called "Love." I was recently reading an article by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled "The Majesty of Master Fard Muhammad's Love". It is an excerpt from a New Year's Day message he delivered over five years ago, yet it is so timeless.

He says:

"The Old Testament of the Bible is considered a testament of law. The New Testament is considered a testament of love. Sometimes people observe law out of fear of punishment, not necessarily because they love the law. Sometimes people do good in hope of a reward, not necessarily because they love the doing of good. But love is above the law. Love is the highest manifestation of law. It is such a high principle, that the scripture says that those who demonstrate love are the disciples of God. If we do not demonstrate love, we cannot even claim to be of God. So, what is love?

Those of us who have studied the lives of the prophets know that they are human beings with human idiosyncrasies, but once Allah (God) touches and raises them where they can reflect the characteristics of Allah (God), then He sends them to represent Him to people who know Him not.

The Christian tradition says, “God is Love.” In that sentence, “God” is the noun; and what follows on the other side of the verb “is” means that it is equal to the noun, because “love” is either a predicate nominative or a predicate adjective. So, you can reverse the sentence, and say, “Love is God.” The scripture says, “God is love” because of His demonstration of Love. The scripture then calls us to rise to demonstrate love as He demonstrates. How does Allah (God) demonstrate His Love?

The Bible is full of references to the Coming of God. If Allah (God) is Omnipresent, where is He coming from and why does He have to come at all if He is already Present? In a world as wicked as the one we live in, we can hardly feel His Presence because evil so dominates the human being and the human characteristics. We do not live in a world that practices true love.

We live in a world where people write poems about what they do not know (love). We live in a world where people sing songs about something that they have never really understood or experienced.

In this world, love has become a cheap word. On the lowest level, people say, “We made love last night.” If love is sexual intercourse, then it does not last long. If what we need to look forward to of love is that kind of romantic foolishness, then we are as far away from love and God as our foolish expression of love is.


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  1. Well put Jesse, thank you for sharing this!

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