Step Into Excellence! When You Love.....

by Traci Cushmeer

When you love, love with an open hand because then love will flow to you and through you to others.

The greatest gift we can give anyone is to love them and love them with wholeness and complete presence. To be present in the love of another is to be in tune with the spoken and the unspoken of the person. To know the key in which the harmony of their love flows, flowers and flourishes. To love with an open hand is to know the person in a hint and a sign, to know them in the truest sense of the word.

To love with an open hand is to love without competition because if you give me then I will give you is not love, but a bargain that leads to a compromise and compromise and unconditional love cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

When you love, love someone worthy to receive the love you have to give. When you love the unworthy of your love, it as though you are casting seeds upon infertile ground that is too hard to feel the soft touch of the seeds of your love fall upon it and too dry to water the seeds of your love from their spirit. And while it’s easy to wish for the perfect love and the lover of our dreams it is much harder to be the perfect love and the lover we so earnestly desire to have; but, if you cannot be these things for yourself then it is unreasonable and irresponsible to expect someone to be these things for you.

Love is gentle and kind in its correction and to the extent that we can receive the correction of love is the extent to which we will benefit from the praise and adoration of love. Love is not easy to have and to hold, it requires work, so the lazy don’t have it long and the careless lose it as soon as they find it.

Love is not just a surface situation that turns into an overnight stay from time to time; it is a lasting experience that says at its core, I want for you what I want for myself.


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