Domestic violence and shooting survivor Carolyn Thomas bringing her powerful story to Houston

Our beautiful mother, Mavis Jackson, is a survivor of domestic violence. We witnessed the abuse on many occasions and fought her boyfriends in the process. So this subject matter is very dear to me. That's why I will be in attendance at the upcoming "I'm A Survivor: A Symposium on Domestic Violence" being held in Houston on April 30. Its an idea spearheaded by Sister Oni Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 and will feature a keynote address by Carolyn Thomas. Ms. Thomas has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

According to her website (www.carolyn-thomas.org), Ms. Thomas says "In 1995, I met the man who would change my life forever. Throughout our eight year relationship, I was caged from the outside world. I experienced helplessness, powerlessness, isolation, control, manipulations, fear, intimidation, and loss of self by an abusive partner on various levels. The abusive relationship progressed to a lethal plateau over time. On December 5, 2003, I suffered catastrophic facial injuries when my abuser shot me at point-blank range. I was not expected to live. By God's hand I survived. I had 11 reconstructive surgeries at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas over a two year period. While recovering I discovered my purpose, to tell my story to all willing to listen."

My heart dropped to see her before and after photos and while watching the above Youtube video about her story. This all reminds me of why my brother, Deric Muhammad, and I organized a march against this type of acts against our woman during the 2006 Essence Festival weekend in Houston. The theme was "From Hurt to Healing: Protecting the Essence of Our Sisters" and it was organized by all men on behalf of women. That spirit is still needed because women keep suffering this abuse no matter what religion they are in. It's stinging our community and we as men need to have a serious talk about how we're destroying our precious sisters. There is NO excuse to put your hands on a woman.

See you all tomorrow at Lone Star College Carver Center (2330 S. Victory Street) at 1-3:30 PM for this important symposium. See flyer here: http://twitpic.com/4js01d and I plan to post highlights on my blog afterwards!

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  1. I feel sad knowing that the men whom we once loved or love now, become angry enough to want to hurt us. It is only a spiritually misaligned being that could cause such pain.

    I am grateful for the generosity of Carolyn's doctors, to come forth and heal her body. Angels are always standing nearby in times of crises. God bless Carolyn as she embarks on her own Diamond Path to heal other women. I pray that she'll walk gently on the earth..

    Thank you Brother Jesse for covering this story.


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