Earth Day: Cultivate Your Inner Earth to Improve Mother Earth.

Today is Earth Day. On this day I get a flood of emails in my inbox about recycling, gardening, eco-friendly tips for home life, tree plantings, and protecting the environment. These are all good.

Rarely have I received a message regarding the most important Earth we must cultivate and protect: Self. Some would argue that by us doing all of the above things externally it is contributing greatly to the cultivation of the human being.

I can agree to a certain degree but I humbly submit that we cannot expect people to honestly maintain and build up a green friendly neighborhood when their “inner soil” is not producing life. People with no love for self could care less about the effects of littering and they are definitely not interested in hearing Al Gore and others spit speech after speech after speech about the “Going Green” movement.

Some Americans are still trying to figure out what in the world is a “Green Job” let alone trying to decide whether they should bypass the harmful air freshener they buy from the local dollar store versus lighting a therapeutic candle.

So in honor of Earth Day, strive for self-improvement. Once we cultivate the inner Earth, it makes us more excited about taking care of Mother Earth.

P.S. Learn to eat to live and don’t live to eat.

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