Family Remembers The Late DJ Megatron and Talks Exclusively With Sharon Carpenter

It has been nearly a week since rising 32-year-old Hip-Hop personality DJ Megatron was shot and killed in Staten Island, a block away from his home. For the first time, the family shares the pain they are experiencing in this exclusive report with Sharon Carpenter. To date, no arrests have been made.

"All I want to say to the person that did this to Corey, how can you live with yourself? Please give yourself up...Because I would just love to look in that person's face and I want to know why," said DJ Megatron's tearful mother in this video.

Two things struck me. The tears of his mother and the fact that this brother was the same age as I am. Sigh...When will we stop it? The report aired on New York’s PIX11 news station. Watch below.


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