A New Addiction? I'm On A Losing Strike. I'm On A Winning Streak

No, this blog has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen's "I'm Using My Addiction to Sell out Shows and Winning All The Way to the Bank" tour. Rather this is about dealing with an addiction to procrastination.

Lately I have been rereading the book "The Power of Focus" by Jack Canfield. In one chapter he writes "Are you in the habit of putting things off? For example, you need to complete a report by the end of the month, but instead of planning to do it in three simple stages, you leave everything until the last couple of days and it becomes panic. Other people get pulled into your mess, creating even more turmoil and anxiety. Somehow you manage to get it done, vowing, “Never again—that’s the last time I’m letting things go like that—it’s not worth the stress.” But you do repeat the same behavior again and again, don’t you? Why? Because it’s your habit. Go on, admit it. You’re a procrastinator.

It is very easy to get addicted to procrastination but it is so costly. Take decisive action, don’t put things off until the last minute and practice anti-procrastination behavior. Remember, Someday is not a day of the week, it’s a day of the WEAK. This month Lupe Fiasco’s new album, Lasers, is in rotation in my I-Pod. He has a track on the album I really like called I’m Beamin’. In one verse he says “I’m a Losing Strike/ I’m on a Winning Streak.”

That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Go on a Procrastination Strike and go on a winning streak from this day forward. Make that your new addiction.

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