The New Orleans Peace Keepers Helping to Squash Beef in Violent Neighborhoods

(The New Orleans Peace Keepers go out into the community for the "Hour of Power" to uplift the community and help to squash beef. Photo by Cedric Muhammad)

New Orleans, La. - The murder rate in the city of New Orleans has already exceeded the number of deaths that occurred around the same timespan in 2010.

Sociologists who have studied the trend and causes of murders in New Orleans have discovered that many of them are retaliatory and drug related. Their research has also revealed that many of the murder victims actually knew their killers. In light of such research, the New Orleans Peace Keepers launched another proactive stop the violence initiative.

Members of the New Orleans Peace Keepers have put out public service announcements on radio and now on the internet offering to serve as mediators for those involved in some kind of beef (conflict). The New Orleans Peace Keepers are asking those who view the clip to send it to anyone they may know in the city of New Orleans.

Here is the newly released video: http://youtu.be/Mgdg2a7l4RY

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