OMG! Have you seen the trailer for "Hole In the Head: A Life Revealed"?

Brace. Your. Self.

I get so many emails on a daily basis but this one definitely caught my attention when a fellow member of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston sent this to me. He rarely sends out mass emails so I knew it must have been something worth watching.

Honestly, when I started playing the Youtube clip, I said to myself, "What was the point of this?" Then suddenly the clip takes a drastic turn at the 2:00 mark. I said "Wow."....I became speechless....saddened...angry...and yet I was not shocked because this is some of the things that was done to Black people that many of us don't know about because we don't read or we just don't care to find out about. It's painful to watch but I just had to shared it.

'Hole In The Head: A Life Revealed' tells the extraordinary life story of Vertus Hardiman, as expressed primarily through the personal video chronicles of his friend, Wilbert Smith. Vertus reveals to Wilbert a tragic and horrifying secret that he had hid under a wig and beanie for nearly 80 years - A secret that leads the two friends on a journey of the heart that speaks to the great resilience of the human spirit, even in the face of terrible suffering caused by the ignorance and hatred of others. It is written by Wilbert Smith Ph.D. & Brett Leonard, narrated by Dennis Haysbert and directed by Brett Leonard.

According to one of their websites, "This feature length documentary tells the story of Vertus Hardiman and nine other young children, attending the same elementary school in Lyles Station Indiana who, in 1927 were severely irradiated during a medical experiment conducted at the local county hospital. The experiment was misrepresented as a newly developed cure for the scalp fungus known as ringworm. In reality the ringworm fungus was merely the lure used to gain access to innocent children whose unsuspecting parents blindly signed permission slips for the treatment.

Vertus was five years old and the youngest. Now after 20 years of friendship with writer/producer Wilbert Smith, through their church choir, Vertus unburdens himself to Wilbert with an incredible story, finally exposing the severe physical complication caused by this shocking medical crime. This crime had severe physical complications for Vertus – namely a harshly irradiated and malformed head, with an actual hole in his skull.

Remarkably, not one person in his community had ever been aware of Vertus’ suffering because he always wore a wig and woolen beanie to cover the shame. During filming Vertus reveals his secret stating, “For over 80 years, only four individuals outside a few medical specialists have ever seen my condition; I hide it because I look like some monster.” Over his life Vertus was criticized, teased and scorned by acquaintances that had no idea what the wig had been hiding for 80 years."

The directors further note that: "This documentary reveals that the Lyles Station experiments were not an isolated event. One such example involves radiation experiments performed in Israel in 1951against one hundred thousand darker-skinned immigrant children, a tragedy financed by the United States Army. Amazingly, many of these victims arrived on U.S. soil in cages for further study, in an attempt to determine human reaction to over-exposure to radiation."

For more information on upcoming screenings of this film visit: http://www.smithleonardproductions.com and become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/holeinthehead. Check out the trailer above and at: http://youtu.be/_67u1dOz2co.

What Do You Think About This Trailer? Would You Want To See This?

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  1. I would like to see it. As our beloved Student Min. Ava Muhammad has said, this is the type of information our people need to know!!!


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