The People's Victory: Houston National Black United Front's Building Paid Off!

There is nothing like ownership! I recently received this wonderful news via email from Kofi Taharka, National Chairman of the National Black United Front.

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, the NBUF Houston Chapter will host a Community Asante Sana (Thank You) celebrating paying off the organization's building. They are inviting everyone to join them for food, speakers, edutainment and more at 6:00pm at 2428 Southmore Blvd in Houston. This event will coincide with NBUF's 11th Annual Self-Determination/Malcolm X Birthday Weekend activities.

Historically, from 1995-1997 NBUF members under the leadership of Ishman (Imhotep) Hunter and Akua Fayette renovated the abandoned former drug den inside and out. 20,000 volunteer hours were invested by members to change the face of the community, according to the press release. The facility has been the site of organizing for many causes including: social justice, humanitarian aid, African-Centered education, and many other community needs.

"Let us be crystal clear this accomplishment is the result of NBUF MEMBERS' 17 YEARS OF VISION, DEDICATION AND HARD WORK. NBUF RECEIVED IMMEASURABLE SUPPORT FROM community members, community organizations, businesses, artists, poets, rappers, drummers, dancers, organizers, activists, revolutionaries, scholars, spiritualists, media outlets, tradesmen, and local and national security formations. Everyone who placed time, resources, talent and funds in the NBUF-Houston pot has made this possible," the group says.

NBUF has been an excellent steward of the people's resources. Chairman Kofi Taharka will announce NBUF's vision and needs at this event. The organization has been committed to serving the communities needs for over 30 years.

I personally congratulate our NBUF Family and I thank them for all of their years of service! Forward Ever, Backwards Never! Visit their blog @ http://nbufhouston.blogspot.com/


  1. This is awesome...I will be sure to spread the word on my blog, as well. Thank you for keeping us informed, Brother Jesse.


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